Anita's Column

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
I woke my hubby up on Sunday morning and asked if I could borrow his truck.  Hubby doesn’t like for anyone to drive his truck so he opened one eye and said, “I’ll take you.  Where are we going?”
I explained that I had purchased a registered Boer goat and I was to pick it up at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia.  He grumbled a little because it was beginning to rain but we hooked up the trailer and took off for Sedalia.
We met Babylon at her previous owner’s trailer and she seemed very gentle; however, the owner told us she had been in a pasture with 200 other goats so she wasn’t really used to people.
We brought her home and my son told me he would put her in the goat pen.  I told him I thought maybe we should pull up closer to the pen so we wouldn’t have so far to go, but he reminded me that he had worked with livestock all his life.
He walked up to Babylon and spoke very gently to her, but she took one look at him, jumped up, knocked him down and made a dash to the door where I was standing.  Before I could react, Babylon bolted through the door knocking me down and took off for the field on the other side of the road.
My son ran after her but she was fast.  So we went to the barn, jumped in the Gator and took off after her.  That might have not been a good idea because she ran to the woods.  We went back to the barn for a lariat rope then my son walked through the woods while I drove around the perimeter.  Now it was really raining, we were soaked and I was sure that Babylon wasn’t coming out of whatever thicket she had found to rest in.
Our grandson was to play soccer in Pleasant Hill in the afternoon, so Pappy and I took off for the game and told the family to be on the outlook for Babylon.
In the meantime, Daughter #2 put a message on Facebook that we had lost a goat and if anyone should happen to see her to give us a call.  Soon after the post, messages started coming in.  Someone had seen her at J & D Pharmacy, then it was reported she was behind Alcantara Vet Clinic.
Daughter #1, Son-in-law #1 and #2 and several grandchildren drove to J & D with the trailer.  Babylon was circling J & D.  When they started to chase her, she ran up the ramp and jumped off.  Now many good people joined in the chase.  They simply stopped, jumped out of their cars and joined in with the family.
Next she ran into the woods behind Alcantara Animal Clinic then proceeded on to the Benton County Health Department.  The family circled around and thought they had her caught when she suddenly dashed across the highway and ended up at the Warsaw Fitness Center.  She could see people through the window so she stood there while watching people working out.  Many came out to take her picture. 
When the Campbell troupe arrived though she bolted again this time ended up at the door of Orscheln’s Farm and Home.  The door automatically opened and Babylon walked into the store.  Our family members were right behind her but she continued her merry chase as she dashed through the clothing department and ended up in the hunting department.  The Orscheln’s crew were great to help out as everyone circled around and threw a rope over Babylon’s head.
They took her out to the waiting trailer and gave her a ride home.  She was greeted by several other goats and happily began eating.  She seems to be adjusting to her new home but we haven’t taken her on any more adventures as of late.
Thanks to everyone who posted messages on Facebook, to the Warsaw City Police and to those who helped us inside Orscheln’s.  I have been warned that I should not buy any more goats; however, they have such fun personalities.