Bo Kroenke Leads Lincoln To Retain Benton County Cup

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
The Benton Country Cup tournament held on Wednesday at the Cole Camp Golf Course was moved from the Warsaw golf course just days earlier due to construction work. It doesn’t seem to matter to Lincoln’s Junior Bo Kroenke  as to where he plays, as he is usually one of the best golfers on the course. Lincoln retained the much coveted cup for the third year in a row behind Kroenke’s score of 36.
Kroenke has been playing golf most of his life. He is interesting to watch. Kroenke arranges the grass, digs a place with his tee, looks the course over with his golf binoculars, adjusts for the wind and takes several practices swings. Then he hits the ball in the middle of the club’s surface for a thing of sheer beauty most of the time. 
He is not totally alone in his expertise as Nathan Jobe shot a 42, Joe Bittner a 44, Devon Parrott a 45 and Gabe Mehrens 46. That was good for a 167 and the championship. Cole Camp shot a 196 and Warsaw with a cast of beginners, a 236. Warsaw doesn’t have four varsity golfers or any seniors but Coach Kyle Stoecklein wanted his players to play in the tournament so he moved a couple of players up. One was Belle Morrison, a freshman and  a newcomer to the golf world. Like most golfers, she became frustrated at times but she will get there with practice and experience. She wasn’t the only the only one to experience difficult moments as golf can be a game of nerves, frustration and disappointment. Several players had putts circle the hole and rim out. Stoecklein commented, “When you get mad you become your worst enemy on the golf course.” Stoecklein, a football coach for Warsaw when asked about comparing the two sports, commented, “Football is such a physical game but golf is a totally mental game.”
Lincoln’s Colf Coach Adam Curtis watched Kroenke and passed the time of day with the LHS photographer. When you shoot a 36 there is not much coaching to be done.
Kevin Chamberlain, the Cole Camp Coach, enjoyed the day and even gave the grateful BCE reporter a ride back to his auto. Stoecklein also drove the reporter around the course while discussing the fundamentals of golf.
There were gusts of wind on a pretty nice day on Wednesday but Kroenke commented, “I am used to playing in the wind so today will be no problem.” Apparently it wasn’t.
Just a week earlier the course creeks were flooded but on Wednesday they was dry as a bone. That was good for the coaches as they wheeled around on their golf carts thru the course and the woods watching their players and offering timely advice. 
Cole Camp individual scores weren’t available but we know Warsaw’s Aidan Legrande shot a 53, Jesse Barckly 57, Jacob Weiser 58 and Bella turned in a 68.
The Cup and the bragging rights stays with the winning school for a year. Maybe next year someone can wrestle the Cup away from Lincoln. Time will tell.