Bracket-ology, Good Luck With That

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Well, everybody who had any basketball logic at all had their hopes for a perfect NCAA Tournament perfect bracket go up in smoke when  No. 16 seed UMBC upset No.1 Virginia 75-54. The historic upset was made more unbelievable in that Virginia was the hands down favorite to win the tournament and the game wasn’t even close.  Anybody just seeing the score the following day would had thought it was backwards and they had it wrong.
Kansas St. would defeat UMBC in the second round to end their season but did nothing to erase them from the record books or from  the minds of local fans.
Joey Mace actually picked UMBC. Mace said, "I had five minutes to fill out my bracket and because a sixteen had never beaten a one, I picked them.”
Darrell Willoughby commented, "I don’t usually watch basketball but I watched that game. It was amazing.”
Denny Henson, who listened to the game while driving back from the high school state championship games in Springfield on Friday night also commented,  "I couldn’t believe the score when we started listening to the game. You kept thinking Virginia would make a run but they never did. If they played ten times, I think Virginia would win them all but not on that night.”
Bobby Barnes, in the car with Henson said, "It was an amazing upset, but that is why you play the game.”
Dennis Larsen said,” I like that there are new faces and just something different.”
Billy Daleski commented, "My brackets were busted on Friday night along with other people that I know.”
The other numbers ones are still alive in the tournament. So we will see what happens the rest of the way.Two things are for sure, it will be fun as local eyes will be glued to the set and no one around here has a perfect bracket.