Bradley Brown, World Class Disc Golf Competitor

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
By Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Forget about the recent World Soccer Championship as Warsaw has their own world class competitor in 15 year old WHS sophomore disc golfer,  Bradley Brown. Brown recently competed in a four day event (Wednesday- Saturday at  the World Championship in Peoria, Kansas. He finished ninth out of 60 players from Sweden ,Germany, Australia, Finland and all over the world.
Disc Golf has been around for awhile but it really started to get national attention in the 70’s. The game is very similar to golf as you have nine holes, pars, and you keep a score card. You try to throw the disc into a metal net about four feet off the ground. You also have all kinds of different size discs you can throw for various situations, just like regular golf. Although they have disc golf courses, the game is sometimes played on a regular golf course and the disc golfers play right along with the regular golfers.
Brown has sponsors and he can throw a disc some 400-500 feet. He is member of the PDGA and is presently rank 904 in the world. Brown has played in 15 events with two first place finishes. He was invited to the World’s Event after taking part in a combine meet.
I had the opportunity to interview this fine young man at the Warsaw disc golf park. Below is our interview.
JL-How did you get interested in disc golf?
BB- My youth minster at Cedar Grove  brought a group over here when I was 11 and I just fell in love with the game.
JL-Who taught you how to play?
BB-Jason McCray and some of the others guys around here. I also watch a lot of videos.
JL_ How often do you practice?
BB- I try to practice every day for about two hours.
JL- What is the hardest part about the game?
BB- Putting and like regular golf you have to deal with the wind and other weather conditions.
JL- How far do you plan to go with this?
BB-I want to turn professional and travel the world.
JL-Have you played other sports?
BB- Yes, I played baseball, basketball, football and wrestled. I quit all of those to play disc golf full time.
JL-What makes a good player?
BB- Staying mentally  focused. Timing is the key thing.
JL- Did you play well in the tournament?
BB- Yes, I played decently, but there was a couple of rounds that I could have done better.
JL-Were you impressed with the competition?
BB- Yes, they were pretty good.
JL- Do you win trophies?
BB- Only first place receives a trophy. We get play money that we can redeem for prizes out of a trailer. At the world tournament they gave everyone (198 players) a gift bag when you signed in.
JL-Are your parents supportive?
BB- Yes, they are very supportive.
JL- What would you say to other kids who would like to play this game?
BB- They can get a hold of me on Facebook and I can get them started with some discs.
JL- Thanks, Bradley.
BB- Thanks.
P.S. Bradley was really a nice young man to interview and knew a lot about the sport. I watched him throw a disc over 400 feet without any wind and I also saw him hit a couple of ten foot putts with ease. He should go a long way in this sport.