Callie Spunaugle Will Be Fun To Watch For Lincoln’s Volleyball

Callie Spunaugle Will Be Fun To Watch For Lincoln’s Volleyball
Watching Lincoln’s volleyball team workout, several things stand out at this present time.
One, is that Chole Reese, their all-state player is gone, having graduated last season.
Two, is the power play of Senior Callie Spunaugle. She pounds the ball over the net and will be one of Lincoln’s big hitters this coming season. They have other good players but leaping up and spiking the ball over the net is pretty impressive.
She has worked out in the weight room all summer long and it apparently has paid off in a big way.
Callie is just one of those kids that everybody likes and she will be called upon to be a team leader. 
Below is our interview.
JL- When did you start playing sports?
CS- I have played sports since t-ball/softball with my Parks and Rec crew in 2011. Now, I play volleyball.
JL- Who inspired you the most?
CS- I would have to say my family has inspired me to play sports the most. Both my parents coached sports while I was growing up, and both of my siblings were three sport athletes so I was always at some sort of game growing up.
JL- What are your hobbies?
CS- I enjoy going on bike rides around town and walking trails with my dogs. 
JL- What goals have you set for yourself?
CS-My goals are to approach this year with as much enthusiasm and positive energy as possible. This is going to be a harder than normal year to navigate so I want to be able to step up as a leader and help guide my volleyball team and my school to the best year possible with what we are given to work with. 
JL- How is the team looking so far?
CS- I think this year has a lot of potential. Half of our team is starters from last year, and we have some good, young talent coming up. We have worked hard in the off-season to prepare for this year. I think this season is just going to come down to putting in the effort to becoming a better player and a better teammate. 
JL- What are you working on in the weight room?
CS- In the weight room right now, I am working on overall strength and endurance. With the high school change of best 3 out of 5 sets, the goal is to increase endurance so you perform at the same competitive level throughout the game. 
JL- What are your future goals? 
CS- After high school, I plan on attending Missouri S&T to major in Biochemical Engineering.
JL- There you have it.