Celebrity Guest Brings Dazzling Country Sound To Warsaw Elks

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Country music solo artist, Hunter Thomas Mounce, 25, delighted Warsaw’s Elk Lodge 2783 with a visit and performance of several songs on Thursday, July 25. He joined the Elk Lodge Boys Band as they played dancing songs beginning at 1 PM, and he sang a couple of popular songs from his CD entitled “Folks Like Me and You.”
Mounce is the son of Carl and Darla Mounce of Warsaw, who moved to the area in 2014. Carl Mounce teaches welding at State Fair CC, and Darla Mounce works in breast cancer technology. They moved here from Pleasant Hill, Missouri, where Hunter Mounce grew up and graduated from the Fire Academy in December 2012. Hunter, who now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, visits his parents in Warsaw every two or three months, and enjoys fishing with his Dad.
Sherry Blyth, a long-time member of the Elks Lodge 2783, is friends with, and lives in the same community as the Mounces. Blyth, and two other Elks (Paula Oprzedek, and Jorrine Fenlon) decided to go to Nashville to check out a performance of Hunter during the Country Music Association Festival in early June 2019. They were so awed by his talent they asked him to “come to the Elks Lodge and sing a couple of songs.”
According to www.huntermounce.com, Hunter Mounce attended community college in Springfield, Missouri, and spent countless hours in his apartment learning the basics of guitar and writing songs. He returned home in 2014 with a passion for music and began performing country music in 2014 around campfires with friends. 
“My first gig was in front of a snow-cone in Pleasant Hill,” said Mounce. “My second gig was at my Dad’s 50th birthday party where I opened for the band that played the party. Later in 2014, I co-founded a local country/southern rock band with friends called Barbwire Revolt. We played in the Kansas City area for more than a year.”
The Hunter Mounce website stated that the height of Mounce’s career with the Barbwire Revolt was playing at Longview Lake’s 4th of July Celebration in front of 20,000 people. Mounce moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee to work full time with its Fire Department in 2016 and still works for HFD while residing in West Nashville. He said that he began recording his 11-song CD “Folks Like Me and You,” after the move and it took two years to complete, three songs at a time. He is proud of being able to perform at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival for the second year with his Hunter Thomas Mounce Band. 
“There are pros and cons to having a band with your name,” said Mounce. “A pro is having your name for the band, and if you replace a band member, the band will still have the same name. The con, or drawback is that I have to pay for all the recordings and band members. I will continue to do this until I make it big. I am 100 percent independent with no record label or manager.”
When asked which of his songs seemed to be the most popular, he replied that “Can’t Get Enough,” and “Me With Money,” were probably close to the top. He said that “Feeling The Fire Burn Out” had 82,577 streams on Spotify (as of July 25), a website that allows visitors to listen to songs and podcasts. Mounce is particularly proud that Luke Bryan, singer and songwriter, let Mounce record “Feeling The Fire Burn Out,” that Bryan had written. 
A glowing report is given at www.google.com about Hunter Thomas Mounce. “If you’re looking for an album title that perfectly describes the music underneath the cover, you won’t find one better than Hunter Thomas Mounce’s “Folks Like Me and You,” which debuted at number 10 on the iTunes country chart. March 20, 2019.”
Mounce said that family members also have musical talent including his mother who sings, and his aunt and uncle who have a family band that plays blue grass music.
Upcoming shows where Mounce will be performing are the Ozark Empire Fair, in Springfield, Missouri, August 1; Kentucky Bourbon Festival, in Bardstown, Kentucky; September 21; and C.O.P.S. Law Enforcement Appreciation Night, in Oak Brook, Illinois, November 9.
Mounce says that he tours in Missouri and plays in Nashville, Kentucky and other southern states.