Coach Bob Campbell Inducted Into Warsaw Basketball Hall Of Fame

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Coach Bob Campbell, a long time native of Warsaw once said, "I knew while playing ball as a kid that I wanted to be a coach.”  Needless to say, that decision greatly effected the course of his life and allowed him to be a great influence in the Warsaw area.
Coach Campbell taught hundreds if not thousands of kids the fundamentals of basketball and other sports through his PE classes, after school programs and his various youth teams.
Coach Campbell played basketball for four years for Warsaw and started on the varsity his junior and senior seasons. He played point guard under Coach Bill Ackers. His junior year his team was 10-1 before Christmas and everything fell apart from there and they ended up 17-14. He averaged 14 points and with the three point rule now in effect, he would had been close to 20 points a game.
Coach Campbell commented on today’s mentality regarding sports, "We are teaching kids not to compete when in life you compete for jobs and basically everything else. Competition is good.”
Coach Campbell believed in teaching kids the fundamentals and the right way to do things. He added, "Some people say ‘practice makes perfect’ but really it should be ‘perfect practice.’ It is about muscle memory. If you have to think about what you are doing  then you will probably make a mistake.”
Coach Campbell is held in high esteem around Warsaw for his contributions to the Warsaw sports programs.
BCE Editor James Mahlon White, who was in Campbell’s P.E classes said, “Coach Campbell treated each student the same, regardless of athletic ability. He was a remarkable coach and is a fine person. His students were very lucky to have been in the school system when he was there.”
Long time Warsaw resident Larry Walthall commented, “I don’t think he received the credit he deserved. He was never in the lime light. He had a lot to do with the success of the varsity players.”
WHS A.D. and Head Football Coach Ryan Boyer remarked , “The Campbell’s were like my second family growing up in Warsaw. So many students became better players because of Coach Campbell."
"He had an old chalk  board and would teach you the game before you ever played. He gave you a test over what he taught. He always got us in the Lions Club Tournament. He was an amazing man as he coached on Saturdays and then  would go out and work his cattle. He is a great guy.”
Coach Campbell gives credit to his wife Anita for taking care of their children while he coached the kids and ran after school programs.
With that we proudly induct Coach Bob Campbell into the WHS Basketball Hall of Fame. Yes, it is long overdue. Congratulations!
P.S. For lack of space, we could not include Coach Campbell’s stories but you can go to BCE TV on January 17th and watch his interview. It is funny, informative and just great fun.