Cole Camp Defeats Lincoln In Exciting District Play

Cole Camp Defeats Lincoln In Exciting District Play
If Paul Harvey was alive, he would have many “The Rest of The  Stories,” to tell about this high school football season of both Lincoln and Cole Camp. Lincoln was hit with many key injuries and Cole Camp dealt with being quarantined as well as a few injuries along the way.
The regular season meeting two weeks ago between the two clubs was canceled due to the virus.
As things would play out, they met last Friday in the first round of district play in Lincoln. The Bluebirds beat their Benton County rivals 27-21 in a rugged, hard hitting duel for the ages.
As always, it was an emotional experience for both teams. Cole Camp Coach Kevin Shearer commented,  “When we play each other, you have to come to play. We were competitive against them back when they were pretty solid.
Our kids went through a lot this year just to be here. I am very proud of our team.”
Lincoln Coach Brad Drehle said, “It was two teams, two rivals slugging it out. It will be a tough pill to swallow. We made a few more mistakes than they did.”
It was truly a chess game between two seasoned coaches. Shearer said,"They confused some us early on with their formations to their credit but our players adapted."
Drehle mentioned, “Our line started slow but later improved. Both teams played well at the line.”
Cole Camp scored first at the 6:32 mark of the first quarter as Cole Camp’s QB Ethan Shearer hit a wide open Harrison Reid for a 35 yard TD. Reid went in motion and no one picked him up. Coach Shearer commented on Reid. “He is just a freshman. He is a good football player and a very good defensive player. We are excited about his future.”
He was a thorn in the side of Lincoln all night with two 50 yard run backs on kick returns. He also made the game ending  interception with seconds on the clock.
Ethan Corpening ripped the PAT and it was 7-0.
It stayed that way until 8:26 of the second quarter when Ross Johnson carried the ball into striking distance before QB Levi Betts scored from the four. Devon Parrott hit the extra point and it was tied at seven.
Johnson would go out with a recurring injury for the rest of the game. The sophomore showed great talent in early season practices but was never 100%.
Reid would return the ensuing kickoff to the 49. A facemask call would get Cole Camp to the 13. Shearer would guide his team downfield and score as he started to his right and then darted left through the defense from the six for the TD.
A fumble with the holder nixed an extra point attempt and it was 13-7 at 4:41 to go in the half.
Lincoln got a fumble recovery on the 31 with seconds left in the half. A toss in the endzone failed and then Parrott tried a 44 yard field goal and shanked it to the right. 
The second half saw a struggle until the 5:58 mark when Betts hit Lynde who made a great catch at the one. Betts strolled in for the TD and took the lead at 14-13 with Parrott’s kick. 
At the end of the third, Shearer scored from the seven. The two point conversion was short and it was 19-14 as the clock ticked down.
The fourth saw the lead change twice. Betts had a huge run on a fourth and one to the 23. Lynde charged to the 20 and then to the two.
Coach Drehle commented, "They were keying on certain plays so we changed things up." They did, as John Faulconer scored from the two. Parrott who never missed an extra point all season scored as it was 21-19 as the game was now  on the line at the six minute mark.
 Shearer, just a sophomore, would score at the :44 second mark. The PAT was good on a run and it was 27 -21.
Lincoln got across the field but stalled as Harrison picked off a downfield heave at the :14 second mark. Shearer took a knee and it was over.
Lincoln ended at 4-5 and Cole Camp is now 3-5 with a Friday date with Skyline.
Shearer said, "Skyline is a big mountain to climb but maybe we can get in there and shock them a little bit."
Looking back, Coach Drehle said, "Most people don’t know the adversity this team went through. (They lost four in a row with mostly seven starters out at various times). Betts was a lineman last year and we moved him to tight end. (QB Kyle Eckhoff was hurt in first game). Then we moved him to the QB position. I don’t know where we would be without him."
Naturally, there was some tearful moments for Lincoln after the game from players, coaches and fans.
Senior Gabe Mehrens, All- State lineman from last season summed things up “I started on this field and I ended on this field. All I told the team was not to let this happen again next year.”