Cole Camp Names New Police Chief

Homer May
County Reporter
 The City’s monthly meeting of Aldermen opened at 7 PM Feb. 20. At that session, no mention was made of the vacant position of Police Chief, but the following morning, Assistant City Clerk Dawn Paul reported that, on Feb. 16, the group appointed Phillip B. Robinette, recently of Rogerville, TN, as the City’s new Police Chief. The Assistant added that the Chief was reported to have over 30 years of law enforcement experience, with a background in major investigations and other such occupational activities.       
Attending the regular session were Aldermen Wayne Karman, Bob Meuschke, Jeremy Pirtle. Alderman Greg Ives was absent. Mayor Burton Bormann presided; City Clerk Ami Dieckman recorded. First actions by the group were to approve minutes of the January meeting, plus minutes of two subsequent closed sessions, which possibly included selection of the new Police Chief. They then okayed payment of bills presented, and received financial information from the City Clerk, without comment.
There was no old business, so Aldermen went into new business, approving three proposed ordinances on 1st and 2nd readings: (1) An ordinance providing for the use of $1.00 from the $12.00 clerk fee to be used in the training for judicial education and training  for the judge, court administrators and court clerk of the City’s municipal court. (2) An ordinance to increase the court costs assessed by the City by $7.00, per RSMO Chapter 476 as amended, relating to court automation funding, and penalty. The change was required by the state. (3) An ordinance changing zoning at 700 W. Main from Residential to Commercial, approved by P&Z, for a food trailer to be located there.
Mayor Bormann reported he recently received a letter asking if the City would approve the sale of two lots adjacent to 52 Hwy. on the east end of town. He also mentioned that he, and several members of the local American Legion recently repaired a downtown sidewalk, to remove a pedestrian tripping hazard. “People are not tripping now,” he said. Police Officer Lonnie Baron reported business as usual, with increased patrols, and that his Department has been dealing with renewal of business licenses.
Just before the meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM, Maintenance Worker Roy Wagner thanked the City’s Animal Welfare Committee for recent donation of food for the Dog Pound. Visitors are welcome at the open sessions, but please contact the City (Ph: 660-668-4444) for updated information.