Commissioners Meet With County Officials

Anita Campbell
Enterprise Staff
The third quarter county officials meeting was held with officials and department heads at the Benton County Commissioners’ meeting on October 17.
Those in attendance with the Commissioners were Collector Donna Hart, Assessor Rodger Reedy, Chief Deputy Jeff Canfield, 911 Director Susan Canfield, Recorder Beverly Burnett, Prosecuting Attorney’s secretary Kim Brewster, Public Administrator Lori Dunkin, Treasurer Rick Renno, Clerk Susan Porterfield, and Emergency Management Director Mark Richerson.  County budget and financial information was discussed, an update was given by each office holder concerning information pertaining to their department.
E-911 Director Susan Canfield met with the Commission to discuss policies and procedures for her department.
Martin Equipment Company representative Rowdy Cannon met with the Commission to discuss purchase options for a road grader for Road District #1.
A telephone conference call was conducted with L. J. Hart Company representative Larry Hart concerning the upcoming meeting with the Commissioners, bond underwriters and the Jail Planning Committee.
County Clerk Susan Porterfield presented property and liability insurance information for the Commissioner’s review.  She also reported that employee insurance rates have been received from Blue Cross of Kansas City, projected increase of rates is approximately 7.9% over last year.  Bills were submitted for approval and payment.