Concerns Rise Over Pinnacle Propane Service

Joyce Coates
County Reporter
Concern about the status of Pinnacle Propane’s operations in Benton and surrounding counties and throughout the state is growing. Up to a time only 6 months ago, 7 customers had given Pinnacle Propane 5 stars in Google reviews. Yet, for the first time 9 months ago, and as recent as 6 days ago, ratings have fallen consistently to 1 star. Four customers complained about poor service, billing errors, and Pinnacle’s failure to answer phone calls.
The Enterprise, also a Pinnacle customer, in response to calls asking about Pinnacle, called the Warsaw, Cole Camp, Windsor, Holden and Eldon, Missouri offices. Response at each of the locations was the same recorded message:   
“Thank you for calling Pinnace Propane. Regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM through 4:30 PM. If you have reached this recorded message during regular hours, we are either assisting another customer or have stepped away from our desk. Please leave your name, number and a brief message and we will get back with you as soon as possible. If you have an emergency and need immediate assistance, please reach out to Cody Peck at 972-974-4325. Have a great day!”
Instead of “the tone,” another recorded message followed: “Sorry, cannot leave a message because this user’s mailbox is full.” Mr. Peck did not answer either, and his mailbox is also full.
A call to Kahoka, Mo. in the north, to determine if Pinnacle offices in other parts of the state are open, surprisingly was answered by an employee in the Quincy, Illinois office. She said calls to the closed Kahoka office are relayed to Quincy. From her we learned Monday morning that Cody Peck is a service technician. She gave the phone number to Pinnacle’s corporate offices in Irving, Texas.  The same day, Cindy, in customer service, said she would send an email asking someone call back. No one returned the first call or the second call early on Tuesday morning. Cindy did say that “changes” have caused phone issues, but that people will get service.
Pinnacle’s website notifies customers that walk-in appointments have been suspended, and they should contact their local office. However, phone calls to local offices have been unanswered for several weeks, if not months, and in fact, mailboxes are full and no messages can be left.  
We learned that city offices in Warsaw and Holden receive several calls from Pinnacle customers for information. Jill Cobb in Warsaw said Pinnacle’s business license is current but she does not know if they are closed. In Cole Camp, Ami Dieckman, city clerk, said Pinnacle’s office is closed. Pinnacle’s business license was not renewed in Windsor, according to the city clerk’s office, but utility bills still go out to the Irving, Texas address. 
Weather forecasts through most of October show temperatures expected to be in the 80s and 70s until mid-month, then in the mid-to-high 60s. For the sake of customers, Pinnacle’s status needs to become clear before temperatures fall and the same customers are forced to switch to other propane suppliers. Meanwhile, our search for answers goes on.