Connor Spunaugle Returns To Lincoln

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Lincoln High School continues to produce some fine young men. Connor Spunaugle set a very high bar as a player and as a student athlete . Now he is helping coach kids to hopefully follow in the legacy that has been carved out before them. Below is his journey.
JL- When did you start playing sports?
Connor - I started playing organized sports around the age of 4 when I played T-Ball in Maysville, MO. My first words were “play ball!” My parents tell stories when I was real little I used to carry something to throw around with me all of the time.
JL - Who was your biggest influence?
Connor-. My biggest influence was and still is my father, no doubt. He was a high school football, wrestling, and baseball coach from my first memories until I was a 6th grader. My love and passion for sports stems from his same love of teaching them. From a young age sports taught me many lessons of respect, hard-work, and how to deal with success and failure.
JL- How has lockdown effected you?
Connor- Lock down has effected all of us in many ways. I’ve been taking things day by day, listening to as many trusted sources as possible, and trying to take all the proper precautions to return to a “normal” life. One of the biggest lessons sports taught me was to control what you can control and let the rest be as it may.
JL - Tell us about your coaching experience .
Connor-Coaching is something I have wanted to do since I had to stop playing sports. Teaching others about the game I have been around for a long time has always been a goal.  I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to be doing it this early in my life.
JL- What are your hobbies?
Connor- In my free time I enjoy hunting, fishing, playing PlayStation, and spending time with my girlfriend, Gabbi and our chocolate lab, Chaco.
JL- What awards did you earn in high school?
Connor-In high school I was an academic all state player in all 3 sports. In football I earned 4 time all district, 3 time all conference.  In baseball, I was awarded 4 time all district, 3 time all conference, and 2 time all state.
JL - What was attending State Fair like?
Connor-State Fair was two years of growth for me, as an athlete and person. It pushed me mentally and physically almost everyday. It is a place for any athlete to go test themselves and get better. I created many relationships with teammates that will last a lifetime.
JL- What are your future plans?
Connor- My future plans are to graduate with my finance degree to become a banker, and I would like to continue to coach. My passion in life comes from being able to help others succeed.
JL - We wish him the very best.