County Informed About Broadband Internet Service

Anita Campbell
Enterprise Staff
Presiding Commissioner Michelle McLerran Kreisler reported on the annual Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission dinner held in Nevada on October 25 at the November 7 meeting of the Benton County Commission.
Guest speaker was Missouri Farm Bureau representative Janie Dunning who discussed a new initiative by Missouri Governor Greitens to bring high-quality broadband internet access to every school in the state.  Dunning stated the Farm Bureau recognizes the availability of high speed internet is vital to the future of the state’s rural communities and will work with government, non-profit and private entities to ensure all Missourians have access to high-quality, competitively priced broadband.
HMN Architects representative Adam Kuehl met with the Commissioners, Sheriff Eric Knox and Captain Jeff Canfield to discuss plans for a new jail facility.  Site selection, bed count, and preliminary project budget were some items discussed.
The Commissioners, Knox, Canfield and Kuehl left the courthouse office in order to visit possible site locations for the jail facility.
Andrew Havranek met with the Commissioners to introduce himself.  He is a representative with KSPR News associated with the Camdenton office offering service to Camden, Pulaski, Hickory and Benton Counties.
A telephone call was returned to Courtney at L. J. Hart Company to answer questions regarding a USDA loan for the jail project previously noted in the October 31 meeting.
County Treasurer Rick Renno gave his weekly financial report.  County Clerk Susan Porterfield presented monthly budget reports for each department.  Bills were submitted for approval and payment.