David See Retires After Long Career

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
After a teaching career of 44 1/2 years, science instructor David See will retire at the end of the 2018 school year at Warsaw High School.
See began his work in education at Lakeland High School where he taught science and served as the high school principal.  He went on to work in the Montrose School District, the Globe, Arizona School District, and the Raymore-Peculiar School District before settling in the WHS science department where he taught for 35 years.
See earned his BSE in biology and chemistry from the University of Central Missouri.  He completed his Masters in Biology from UCM as well as an advanced degree in administration from UCM.
During his tenure at WHS, See is most proud of the students who continued their education in science to obtain advanced degrees and work in the medical and engineering communities.
“I am very proud of the students who left WHS to become doctors, nurses, pharmacists and engineers,” See said.  “I hope some of my students from the Biology II class this year go on to achieve their goals that they have set for themselves.”
Looking back over the past forty plus years, See commented that advancements in technology has changed education in both good and not so great ways.  “Everyone wants to just ‘Google’ the answer, the average student doesn’t want to study,” See commented.
As the elder instructor on the WHS staff, See said his decision to retire came about because every year for the past five years, he was earning less each year.  “The teachers haven’t had a raise for more than five years and with the cost of living going up and the cost of insurance rising, I could make more money if I retired.”
See and his wife JoKay live in Clinton where they raised their children, Tristen and Rachel.  Tristen is a teacher in Hawaii and Rachel is working on a degree in environmental science in Hawaii.  The Sees also have a grandson Apollo who is a student at South School. 
In addition to his teaching career, See also served in the National Guard for 34 years.  He retired as a First Sergeant.  “I loved my military service,” said See.  “The friendships with my brothers in arms was very dear to me.” 
See was deployed to Panama, Honduras and Germany during his time with the Guard.
As for his retirement, See commented that he plans to spend more time hunting, fishing and canoeing.  He is planning a trip to Idaho to do some river rafting with his grandson.  As for working as a substitute teacher at WHS, See’s comment was a resounding, “No!”