Deputy Accidentally Shoots Himself

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
A Benton County Sheriff deputy received a gunshot wound during a training session on November 19 at approximately 5:25 PM.  Benton County Major Jeff Canfield accidentally shot himself while placing his revolver in his holster.
According to Benton County Sheriff Eric Knox, 13 of his deputies were at the shooting range during a night range qualification.  The bullet from a 45 caliber weapon traveled in and out of Canfield’s lower torso without hitting any vital organs.
“It was an unfortunate accident, but this is why we train in all kinds of conditions,” said Knox. “My deputies all carry trauma kits and were able to help Canfield until the paramedics arrived.”
Canfield was air lifted to Columbia to the University of Missouri Medical Center where he was treated and later released.  He is now recovering at home.