DNA Test Brings On A Big Surprise

 Peggy Gulatto, 89, recently became curious about health histories of members of her family tree, so she went online to 23 and Me to get a DNA testing kit.  She was greatly surprised and excited when she got her DNA report and found that her best friend for the past 23 years was actually her third cousin. Neither one of the two friends had any idea that they were related. 

“It made a lot of sense that we were related because we ‘clicked’ as soon as we met in Edwards,” said Gulatto. “We both love the same books, are both animal lovers, enjoy eating out together and are both oil painting artists. However, I was raised in Illinois and my friend, Jane Roberts, was raised in Tennessee. We are not sure which family members connected in the past, making us related.”
“I first met Jane, after we both moved to Edwards from other places and I stopped at her house on Hwy M to buy fresh eggs,” said Gulatto. “We ended up talking for two hours, and I left with my eggs and the beginning of a long friendship”. 
Jane revealed that after growing up in Tennessee she lived in Kansas City, and moved to Edwards in 1995. She said that Peggy Gulatto moved here in 1996. She explained that the two often finish each other’s sentences, they go to the doctor’s offices together and have shared many similar experiences during their friendship.
“I was in Lincoln one time and noticed the lake for the first time,” said Roberts. “I told my husband that I didn’t know there was a lake even though we had driven by it for years. Peggy told me that she had the same experience when she noticed the Lincoln lake.  I also called Peggy when there was an oil painting class in town and told her that I had signed us both up to attend. Peggy was delighted. She is like the sister I never had.”
Gulatto spoke about how interesting her DNA report was in other ways too. She said that she has the same DNA as Marie Antoinette, as Luke (in the Bible), and as Neanderthals.
According to https://cen.acs.org DNA profiling has become the gold standard in forensic science since its first case 30 years ago. Paternity testing can now determine the biological father of a child, and other DNA tests can tell people about whether they’re predisposed to certain traits. 
Gulatto only had to spit into a container in her DNA kit to get a report from 23 and Me. DNA can also be collected from a mouth swab, hair sample, or blood test.