Dr. Hermann Poised To Hang Up Her Drill

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Dr. Brenda Herrman, at Truman Lake Dental, will retire May 23, after nearly 30 years of dentistry in Missouri. She has worked in Warsaw since she bought the dental practice of Dr. James Spring in June, 2015. She joined Dr. Patrick Lancaster at Truman Lake Dental at the end of 2016. 
“I have issues with some of my joints that will require surgery,” said Dr. Herrman. “I am not guaranteed that the surgery will resolve these issues completely, and I believe that it is best for my patients if I retire. I still plan to stay in the field, perhaps teaching at a dental school, and I will continue my occasional work in forensic dentistry. However, I will probably take a little break first.”
 Dr. Herrman says that she and Dr. Eric S. Wilson, of Cole Camp, attended dental school together and became interested in forensic dentistry when a few bodies were found near the school. They volunteered to help with and learn about identifying the bodies through dental evidence. They have been involved in the field ever since. Dr. Herrman said that Dr. Wilson has gone much further than her, having worked with 911 victims and the military. 
Dr. Herrman grew up in Butler, Missouri, and lives in Springfield with her husband who has a chiropractic business. She began her dental career in Springfield where she owned a cosmetic dentistry practice for 21 years. Her son and daughter were child actors in Los Angeles, California, appearing in commercials, and her daughter was in an episode of Modern Family.
  “My husband and I took turns working double shifts  at our practices so we would  have some free time to be with our kids in L.A.,” said Dr. Herrman. “He was in Springfield while I was with the kids, and I was in Springfield when he was with them.  We would see each other on the weekends. As with many child actors, our children had on-line teachers and we made sure that they worked on their  schooling. We all loved the life.” 
Dr. Herrman said that she had decided to move out to Los Angeles permanently after she sold her cosmetic dentistry practice. However, her mother had a stroke  and that changed the family’s plans. Dr. Herrman’s parents and parent-in-laws  all died within the next five  years and she began taking  on temporary dental assignments around Missouri. In 2015 she was  invited to buy Dr. Spring’s practice, and she accepted.
 In addition to dentistry, Dr. Herrman has  had many other interests in her life.  She was an accomplished pianist, and a private pilot, even skydiving while in college. She was one of the dentists  in Missouri who initially  trained dental assistants  in expanded functions certification. 
This training provides dental assistants the option to more directly care for patients. She and her family volunteered at a domestic violence shelter, and from 2001 to 2008  performed in Little Theatre at  the Landers  in Springfield. 
Dr. Herrman has enjoyed her career, except maybe the day a 10-year old bit her hand, on purpose. But, she said that it is a very physical job, and you are on your feet and bending a lot which can wear someone down. She said dentists are perfectionists by nature, but they are imperfect humans working with imperfect humans. Her very favorite part of dentistry was improving a person’s smile, and she enjoyed the challenge of creating a positive experience to patients who were previously uncomfortable with dentistry. 
She looks forward to this change in her life, saying that she will not be bored. She would like to thank the many wonderful patients, dental team members, and other dentists with whom she has worked over the last 30 years. She says it was a privilege to care for and to be around so many interesting people in her life.