Gabe Mehrens Stands Alone As Lincoln’s Returning All-State Player

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
The two time state runner up, the Lincoln Cardinals, had eight All -State players last season. They graduated seven, leaving then Junior Offensive Lineman Gabe Mehren as the only returning All-State player.
While no Class 1 public school can replace seven All-State players, Mehren is up for the challenge to take on a leadership role. The third team All - State Offensive Lineman has steadily improved over the years and should be a huge force this time around.  With an inexperience varsity backfield, a good offensive lineman will be worth his weight in gold. He will need to be as Lincoln faces a tough schedule this season with a new coach and several new faces.
Hayden Beaman talked about his long time friend,” Gabe has come a long way as a football player. He went from kind of a chubby, clumsy kid as a freshman to a stocky, powerful young man, who is one of the best offensive linemen in the state with a pretty hot mean streak to him, me and Gabe go as far back as I can even remember. He’s always got my back and I always have his.”
Parker Engles commented, “Gabe is a big strong kid that always knows how to have fun. Gabe is someone who has always taken the weight room very seriously, and it has paid off.  Gabe was   overlooked and was a key part of our success the past two years and I can’t wait to see Gabe succeed on the field for his senior year.
Below is our interview.
Johnie- How old were when you started playing sports?
Gabe- I started playing sports at a very young age. I was a very active kid.
Johnie- Who inspired you?
Gabe- Everyone that I was around. My older brother was on the first football team at Lincoln and also coached me in Peewee. Also, my mom and dad inspired me to play sports.
Johnie- What awards have you earned?
Gabe- I have earned some academic honors in football and golf. I also got all district  my sophomore year and junior year. Last year, I got 3rd team All - State as a junior. I have earned some rewards in fishing and archery also.
Johnie- How does it feel to be the only All -state returning player?
Gabe-Feels great honestly. I think it puts a little pressure on me but I feel like it helps me train and get better because everyone will be expecting a lot out of me .
Johnie- What do you like about Lincoln? 
Gabe -The community. Everyone helps everyone. Couldn’t ask for a better place to live.
Johnie- What are your hobbies?
Gabe- Hunting, fishing, farming, working out, playing sports, and hanging out with the boys.
Johnie- What are thoughts on the state title games?
Gabe- The 2018 championship game was one that i knew was gonna be a rough one but we fought hard. Still did better than the rest of 1A football. 2019 state game was one that i will never forget. Even though it was not what we wanted. But as a team we fought until the final whistle. Can’t ask for much more.
Johnie -Who are your best friends?
Gabe- Hayden, Parker, Bo Kroenke, Tanner Bays and Brett,Shannon, Gage, Steven Kranz, my brother, my family, and a whole lot of people.
Johnie- How good can this team be?
Gabe- This year’s team is going to be good. Expectations are high and they know that.
Johnie- What are your future plans?
Gabe- Try and go to college to play football or fish. Study something in agriculture or business. Maybe come to Lincoln and help coach .Thanks, Johnie 
We wish him the very best.