Good Times At WHS Volleyball Camps

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
It has been a busy time for all of the athletes at WHS this summer thus far. They arrive early for workouts before the sun comes up then they hit the weight room and then they have practices. This past week the volleyball girls attended camp on top of everything else.
These are the behind the scene things that most people never see. They are necessary to compete on a high level of competition and to cut down on injuries. There is a lot of dedication and effort that goes into playing sports at the high school level. They are to be commended for their dedication.
Head Volleyball Coach Shelly Hodges commented on the camps this week, “We held our volleyball camps this week with a pretty good high school turn out of 15 girls. We were able to have guest coaches help us out with Brian Rice and his daughter Shelby helping us out Monday and Tuesdays and Lindsay Blaylock on Wednesday, who attended Missouri Valley to play college volleyball.
I just think it is nice for the girls to get another view or something worded differently so that whatever skill we are doing it will “click” with them and do it correctly.
Our 11:00  to 12:30 camp was for the elementary. We had a fantastic turn out for this camp with over 20 girls attending. (Our new assistant coach ) Coach Hannah Meyer, my high school players, and myself coached this camp.
They are all young and just learning so it’s exciting to teach them and watch the excitement on their faces when they succeed.”
We wish them the best.