Harms To Lead Bluebirds

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Cole Camp was 4-6 last season. They struggled through with several key injuries at various times and could never put a totally healthy team out onto the playing field. This season, Head Coach Kevin Shearer, in his 14th  year with a record of 96-76 overall, is hoping for a better fate.They have 41 players on their roster and they are ready for the season to start.
They were banged up when they lost to Warsaw in the districts last year but Coach Shearer gives Warsaw all of the credit in the world, “Coach Boyer had really done a fine job with his team.”
Starting Junior QB Kaden Harms, 6’0 and 165 lbs, has another year under his belt, understands the game and has a better than average arm. His prime target will be 6’3 Senior Adam Boyd. He caught 29 passes and had six TDs a year ago. Look for Harms and Boyd both to have great seasons this time around.
Injuries to Marshall Fisher and Evan Shearer certainly hindered their defensive attack in no small way last season. However, they are back this time with a will to win. 
Sitting on the sidelines when your career is winding down is no fun at all. You have four years of high school ball and 40 or so varsity games to play in and they go by so very fast. You seem to be in week ten before you know it. You practice all summer in the heat and you really earn the right to play. Then you are injured and you are told by a doctor that you shouldn’t play for awhile. It is frustrating to say the very least.
Cole Camp will stay in the Kaysinger Conference and will also be in the new Ozark Mountain Conference. They were 0-3 in the Kayslnger last season and would love to reverse that record.
Two of the four Farrar boys return in Senior Jordan Farrar and Sophomore Jameison Farrar. Both look to get considerable playing time.
The agile 6’4 Junior Ethan Ives is back at DB and should be improved. He has a good future on the basketball court as well.
As they say around Cole Camp, “ Everyday is a good day to be a Bluebird.”