Hawthorn Bank Gets New Interactive Teller Machine

Homer May
County Reporter
 If you use the drive-up windows at Hawthorn Bank’s Northtown facility today, you’ll find those windows closed before 8 AM and after 5:00 PM. But that’s changing. Chuck Allcorn, Hawthorn’s local Market President, introduced me Tuesday to what some call a “virtual ATM,” which he referred to as an “Interactive Teller Machine” and, with an actual human teller in a building in Jefferson City, can stay open during other hours. The machine was installed at Hawthorn last week and is presently located in the 3rd drive-through lane.
To demonstrate the ITM’s capabilities, Allcorn made both a cash withdrawal and a cash deposit; and we were greeted during the transactions by Macaya Deal, the Jefferson City teller.  Of course, receipts were furnished for both transactions. The list of capabilities of the ITM is long: cash withdrawals and deposits, credit and debit card transactions, loan payments, other business matters … but with a live teller on the other end, perhaps to help you complete a transaction.
Allcorn added that, at present, that the  ITM is open for business from 8 AM to 5:30 PM. After 5:30 PM it will revert to a standard ATM machine. As business builds, Hawthorn expects its hours of operation to be 7 AM -7 PM. But the demand for it may well dictate its eventual hours of operation. “It’s more economical to house a teller in a remote site, and from there to service multiple locations such as the Warsaw, than to have a number of tellers at the bank window,” he said, “But this new feature is really like actually walking into a bank.”