He Writes The Songs

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Music is an important element of life, and Benton County has many talented musicians who are doing their best to provide us with this essential, pleasurable, listening experience. One such musical artist is Keith Wood, 31, who describes himself as an acoustic singer/songwriter who plays the guitar and does a little country, folk and punk music.
“I have been into music since the sixth grade,” said Wood, who had a rock band called Flop Project while attending Warsaw High School. “I write most of my songs, but sometimes cover songs that have been written by someone else. Two of my favorite original songs are ‘Devil on Your Mind,’ and ‘357.’ Some of my performances can be found at Keith Wood Music on YouTube.”
Wood graduated from Warsaw High School in 2007, and works in Warsaw at Burr King Factory. He moved to Buffalo two years ago where he lives with his family and where he often performs as a singer and guitar player. He also performs in Sedalia, further north, and occasionally in Warsaw. He said that he just loves to play, and wouldn’t mind becoming rich and famous one day. 
“He’s a great guy,” said friend and local artist Gary West. “He’s been playing and singing forever. Always looking to support locals. Just super passionate about his music. And you can tell through his music that he loves it.”
There is a local association of diverse visual and performing artists who are members of the Benton County Arts Group, originated by Dina Kowal. Some are poets, colored pencil artists, painters of all kinds, metal and wood workers, theater artists, dancers, photographers, musicians and more. Some members of the group are “art appreciators” who just enjoy the talents of others and want to be informed about upcoming events. It is a place to encourage and promote the arts and artists in the local area. The group has a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/bentoncountyarts/. The Benton County Enterprise will feature a local artist from time to time to promote awareness of our hometown talent.