Health Department Lends Major Hand To Save Lives

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
Every two to three minutes someone in the United States goes into cardiac arrest.  At least 95% of the cases end in death if an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is not accessible.  Thanks to the work of the Benton County Health Department and the family and friends of Dr. James Spring DDS, Benton County will have AEDs in place when they are needed.
AED “Fore” the Heart, JSM Benefit Golf Tournament was established by Dr. Spring’s widow Paula Spring after his death.  The mission of the volunteers was to provide AEDs in public/municipal places of Benton County.  Dr. Spring served on the Board of Directors of the BCHD for several years.  This year’s AEDS were purchased for the amount of $11,977.  All funds were raised by the golf tournament as well as donations.
The total of AEDs that have been funded in the last three years through this event is 24.  Once a commitment is given of a place that has requested an AED and the AED has been awarded, the education is provided by the Benton County Health Department free of charge.
This year’s recipients included:  five AEDs to the Benton County Sheriff’s department; two AEDs to the Lincoln City Police; one AED to the American Legion; one AED to the VFW in Lincoln; one AED in the Warsaw Community Building and one AED to the Popular Baptist Church.
“It is a true honor to do such great things in the memory of Dr. James Spring DDS.  Dr. Spring and Paula Spring have brought a lot to this community and when Paula approached us four years ago about bringing cardiac disease to the fore front of this community, we at BCHD were all in,” said Kelli Daleske.
BCHD Volunteers included:  Kelli Daleske, Linda Viebrock, Gloria Smith, Tammie Heimsoth, Bette Defosse, Brooke Daleske, Quartnie Breshears, Lisa Walker, Erica Crawford, Kathy Kirby and Tammy Lawler.  Other volunteers throughout the community included:  Heidi Schmidt, Angela Parrott, Cindie Johnson, Megan Spring, Angie McCoy and Paula Spring.  While this group of volunteers organized the golf tournament, there were many people throughout the community who volunteered in many ways.
AED “Fore” the Heart, JSM Benefit Golf tournament has been held at the Shawnee Bend Golf Course near Warsaw for the past three years.