Howe Leads Warsaw Over Lincoln In A Thriller

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
At times, it wasn't the prettiest game on record but it was a thriller, nonetheless that gave Warsaw a 53-49 early season  victory on Monday night at Lincoln.
With 1:17 on the clock, Jenna Vandaveer hit two free throws to give Lincoln its first lead since early in the contest at 49-48.
Taylor Howe, Warsaw's calming force throughout  the game, would hit two free throws to retake the lead at 50-49 .
The scrappy Jordan Young would foul out putting Howe back on the line. Howe, who went 10-10 on the night, squared up and  sunk both shots for the 52-49 lead.
Lincoln then called a time out with 31.3 left in the game. However, they turned the ball over and never scored again.
 Warsaw's Sophomore Mira Segar would nail her first free throw to prevent Lincoln from tying the game with a three.
Lincoln shot the ball out of bounds and Warsaw took the  game honors.
Both Howe and Segar admitted being  nervous at the line. "I was a little nervous," said Howe. Segar added, "I felt the pressure. It was a close game."
Both teams struggled in the first quarter as Lincoln led 6-0 until Howe hit a three. The quarter ended 6-3.
Karlie Jones would tie the game at 12 on a power layup. Howe put Warsaw  ahead with two foul shots at 14-12.
Warsaw went on a run and led 24-16 at the half.
In the third, Warsaw jumped out to a 33-24 lead and it looked like the Ladycats would run away with things behind some strong inside play from Jones, Segar and Ellie Murrell.
However, after a bucket by Vandaveer, Graclyn Eifert caught on fire with a nice layup and a three pointer to draw Lincoln to 33-31 after three.
The fourth saw Vandaveer explode for 18 points. She ended with a game-high 31. However, it wouldn't be enough for Lincoln.
Grace Eichler, Lincoln's power underneath, fouled out at the 2:01 mark .
In the end, Howe nailed things down for Warsaw from the line.
Warsaw's head coach Charlotte Beck commented, "We didn't play well. Kudos to number three (Vandaveer). She scored most of their points."
Lincoln's head coach Derek Riggs was at a loss for words over Lincoln's  poor shooting performance,"We just can't get our shots to fall.  I have no answer." On the bright side, he said, "This was our best game so far." Lincoln fell to 0-3 and Warsaw jumped to 3-1.
WARSAW (53): M. Segar, 7; A. Laue, 2; T. Howe, 21; K. Jones, 13; A. Spry, 6; R. Henderson, 0; E. Murrell, 3; J. Swisher, 1; L. Arnett, 0; A. Konopasek, 0; N. McMillin, 0; G. Drake, 0; L. Orton, 0.
LINCOLN (49): G. Eifert, 8; J. Vandaveer, 31; J. Young, 1; E. Young, 1; A. Campbell, 0; G. Eichler, 3; K. Manning, 0; C. Paxton, 5; K. Bartley, 0.