Jeremy Eierman Officially Signs With Oakland

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
As of Thursday, June 14, 2018, Warsaw native Jeremy Eierman officially became an Oakland A. It is one thing to be drafted and it is another thing to negotiate a big league contract. However, somebody associated with Eierman must be pretty good as he signed for $350,000 more than what his slot called for.Thus, giving him a signing bonus of $1,232,000.
Eierman is in Arizona and will be assigned to a minor league club very soon.
The Warsaw graduate was drafted in the second round as the 70th pick in the draft last week. He joins his brother Johnny Eierman and the late Jerry Lumpe as WHS athletes who were drafted by the major leagues.
Eierman is coming off of a 10 home run,.287 junior season at Missouri State. He had 23 home runs and batted .313 in his sophmore year and was slated as a top ten draft choice. However, his decline in home runs and batting average made him fall to the second round. 
Former Missouri third baseman Jake Burger signed a 3.7 million dollar deal with the White Sox after he was drafted with the No.11 pick in the 2017 MLB draft. So Eierman’s deal in the second round looks pretty good.
Possible reasons for Eierman’s slight struggles could be related to the fact that there was a lot of media attention and high expectations. Also,with Burger and some of the other good hitters gone, Eierman had less protection in the lineup and probably tried to do too much. All in all, he had a great season and improved his defense and he cut down on his strikeouts from a year ago. Those are huge factors coaches and scouts look at and his ten home runs for a shortstop is still regarded as pretty good. His ability to hit in the clutch with game winning home runs that Springfield fans will long be talking about, also helped his reputation and value. According to some experts, he might have been a steal by going in the second round.
His father, John Eierman, commented, “ Anything that was lacking in his game this year is fixable and one thing I know is that he will be a better player by playing almost everyday in the minors as compared to three days a week in college.”
Other adjustments Eierman will have to make will be from going from using an aluminum  bat to a wooden bat. Also, the pitching will keep getting better and better as he moves up through the ranks.
Playing major league baseball was always his dream and he gave up football his senior year to work on his game and not risk injury.That and his willingness to work hard has seemed to have paid off in a big way.
His dad recalled “ I knew both boys were gifted enough to play in the majors from early on. It was just a matter if they wanted to play. I allowed them to make their own choices.”
Jeremy is being groomed by the A’s as a shortstop. A few teams thought he could play third base or even in the outfield but the general agreement among coaches and scouts is that he has all of the tools to be a big league shortstop.
We wish him our best and if he ever plays in K.C  then there will probably be a good crowd of fans from Warsaw to root him on.