Johnny Eierman Returns

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
By Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
It has been a long trip in a just a few years but 2011 WHS graduate Johnny Eierman is returning home to WHS to be the head baseball coach and an assistant football coach starting in the 2018-2019 season.
Present Head baseball Coach Micky Wheeler is stepping down after this season to spend more time with his family. Wheeler commented, "Our lives are defined  by opportunities, even the ones we miss.”
Hopefully this move will bring stability to an unsettled program that will cause next years seniors to have had four coaches in four years. Junior Matt Luebbert commented, “Baseball isn’t as bad as basketball or football where you have to learn new plays under a new coach." Basketball has had three new head coaches while football has had two in a four year span.
Eierman, who is currently an assistant football and baseball coach at Lincoln High school just down the road some 11 miles, brings a wealth of baseball experience and hopefully longevity and stability to his new position. He follows recent acquisitions of former WHS players and now coaches Danny Morrison and Ryan Boyer back to Warsaw.
Eierman was a three time All- State selection in baseball and two times in football at WHS and was drafted in the third round of the MLB baseball draft by the Tampa Bay Rays after he signed a letter of intent to LSU on a baseball scholarship. He played three full years before being released from the Rays on March 25, 2014.
  From there he walked on at Missouri as a 22 year old backup quarterback and receiver for a year before playing semi-pro baseball in Chicago . He married his high school sweetheart Kelli (Wenberg)Eierman and they have a ten month old boy named Johnny. Wenberg pitched the Lady Cats to a state championship in 2010  and went on to play college softball.
From there he came back close to home at Lincoln as an assistant baseball and football coach.
Warsaw A.D. Ryan Boyer commented, "We are excited to have Johnny back home at Warsaw.  He is a very self motivated individual that we feel will be able to connect with our kids.  We look forward to the energy that he will bring to our programs." 
I had an opportunity to interview Coach Eierman  last Friday at LHS. Below is our conversation.
JL-What are your thoughts about returning to Warsaw?
JE- I am excited. I am one of those guys who believes everything happens for a reason. Everything just fell into place. 
JL- Did you every think about coaching?
JE-. Yea, once my athletic career was over that was what I wanted to do. Mainly it came down to doing something I was passionate about. It wasn’t about the money. I just didn’t want to sit behind a desk.
JL- What do you think you bring to the program?
JE-I think I am a good motivator. I believe I am a good teacher. Not just the mechanics. Baseball is a routine game. You have to have a good routine every day. It is not like you just show up and everything falls into place. Everyday you practice for a reason. It is a process of getting everyone to fall into that process every single day.
JL- What would you tell a young kid who asked you about playing pro baseball?
JE- You tell him it is hard work and it is about making adjustments. You have to be a good all around athlete. You have to be coachable. Not just anyone can form into a pro baseball player.
JL- What would you tell a kid who had to make the same decision you made?
JE. That is a family decision. It depends what round they go in and what college they go to. In my situation it was the right decision for me.
JL-You are going back to the only school you ever attended. You are going back to a team you played on, your dad coached and your brother (Jeremy Eierman) played on. What does that mean to you?
JE-It means a lot. That was part of my decision. I take great pride in the school. Obviously, I wanted to see them succeed but now I take even more pride in it.
JL- What did last year going to the final four prepare you for?
JE- That was my first year coaching. I always been around  baseball but actually never been a coach. It taught me a lot. It confirmed everything I preach and it made me a better coach. Coach Lynde taught me a ton about how to run a program, how to have a winning attitude, run practice, and how to talk to the players. These two years coaching baseball under Coach Lynde has been huge
JL- You gained a lot playing under your dad. (John Eierman)
JE- Yes, that is who taught me how to play and who taught my brother how to play. He taught us to respect the game. More than anything that is my number one thing to play hard and to respect the game.
Jl- What do you mean by respecting the game?
JE- Play hard as you can. Not jogging off the field, pouting or watching your home runs. If you not  playing hard you are getting pulled no matter what. Respect coaches, players, parents and fans. That is what my dad and Coach Lynde believes.
JL- What is your goal?
JE- I am trying to grow a program. I am trying to win for 25 years until I retire. I want to get kids involved more in baseball at an early age.
Thanks Johnny. We wish both Coach Wheeler and Coach Eierman our very best.