Jubilee Days- The Show Will Go On!

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
The Jubilee Days Committee has been meeting, and is planning the 2020 annual event on June 5-6, even though many businesses don’t have money and advertising is slow to sell because of social distancing.  A lot of return activities are booked and the popular bands “Sugar Bush” will play on Friday night, and “Dirt Road Addiction” on Saturday night.
“We have some good sources to help us with our preparations,” said Jubilee Days representative Chuck Allcorn. “And, we hope that nothing can keep us from celebrating as planned.”
Helping plan this year’s event on the Jubilee Days Committee are Gail Wallace, Secretary; Crystal Bates, Vice President; Jessie Kendall, Treasurer; and other board members and volunteers.
Allcorn said that the Jubilee Days Baby contest will take place on Wednesday, June 3; the Queen contest on Thursday, June 4, and the craft booths and food vendors will be open on Friday and Saturday. The returning Jones and Company Carnival will operate on Thursday, Friday and for two sessions on Saturday.  
The children’s Turtle Race will take place starting at 9 AM on Saturday. Allcorn emphasized that children SHOULD NOT PAINT THEIR TURTLES because it can cause harm to the animals and shorten their lives. The Jubilee Days Committee is contacting a conservation representative who will return the turtles to their native habitat after the race. 
Wildlife conservationists warn that several things happen when a turtle is painted. It makes it more easily spotted by predators; it can hinder their ability to absorb vitamins they need from the sun; can cause respiratory problems; and allow toxic chemicals into the bloodstream and more.
At the request of many parents, there will be an Adult Turtle Race this year for those 18 years of age or older. There will be only one winner and each entry will be charged a fee of $10. Half of the funds raised will go to the one prize winner of the event, and the other half will be used to help defray Jubilee Days costs.
“The person who comes in second in this race will be the First Loser,” said Allcorn.
The anticipated Jubilee Days Parade will start at 11 AM on Saturday, and other features planned include Bike Races, 5K Run and 1 Mile Walk, Auto show, and other old favorite activities that usually include a petting zoo and Karaoke Contest. 
“We have a new talent this year – a magician who will be doing magic tricks, card tricks, and will circulate around town, even on stage in the evening,” said Allcorn. “He even had me stumped with some of his tricks. We tried to book a unicyclist, but he was already scheduled somewhere else.”
Allcorn said we had flooding last year, and this year is the Coronavirus, but next year will be “Good!”