Lakeland Girls Prove Too Much For Lincoln

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
The Lakeland Lady Vikings came to Lincoln at 0-3 looking for their first win of the season. 
It was apparent from the beginning that they had did their homework as they pressed Lincoln full court from the onset. When the final seconds ticked away, the Lady Vikings had the 66-57 victory.
Oddly enough, the Lakeland  boys would also score 66 points in their win later that evening.
Lincoln trailed 15-10 after one with several forced turnovers from the press. Jenna Vandaveer would keep her team close for awhile but the Lady Vikings had too many weapons and jumped out to a 34-23 halftime lead.
The third quarter saw a questionable call go against Lincoln that roused the emotions of the crowd. 
However, Lincoln just had too many turnovers to claim their first win of the season. It was 54-39 after three. 
 Vandaveer had 32 points on the night, mainly on fearless drives to the basket. She had 11 in the fourth and 20 for the second half. She fouled out with 7.4 seconds on the clock.
Head Coach Derek Riggs was naturally disappointed with the loss. “It was a tough physical game.”
They are improving as they are still a rather inexperienced team. Paxton and Eichler came over from volleyball and Jordan Young sat out two years with injuries. 
Obviously, they need to find another scorer and cut down on turnovers.
Lakeland was balanced as Lincoln couldn’t focus on stopping just one player. 
A huge factor was that they were 22-26 from the free throw line and deadly in the fourth quarter going 8-9.
LAKELAND (66): S. Bergschneider, 17; M. Wilkens, 12; B. Frost, 12; P. Thompson, 12; M. Whitworth, 4; N.  Echavarria, 9; M.Call, 0; S. Cordrey, 0; M. Shoemaker, 0;  Z. Breschears, 0; K. Roberts, 0; D. Miller, 0; A. West, 0.
LINCOLN (57): Vandaveer, 32; Eichler, 4; J. Young, 4; E. Young, 1; C. Paxton, 12; K. Bartley, 0; A. Campbell, 0; L. Dulaban, 0; K. Manning, 0.