The Life Of A Student Athlete

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
While there are many athletes at WHS who do well in both academics and sports, I had the opportunity to interview Aubrie McRoberts who plays both softball and basketball and Reagan Shelby who is an outstanding catcher for the WHS softball team. Both were recently named Academic All-State for softball. Below is our interview.
JL- How much harder is it to manage your time between sports and school work? You miss a lot of time in school by leaving early to go to away games. How do you handle that?
Shelby-You have to make sure you manage your time wisely. Sometimes you stay up late and sometimes you have to get help in the morning before school or advisory time.
JL-So what is hardest thing about being a student athlete?
Shelby- You have to know what you are doing and you have to catch up.
McRoberts- I would say to focus, your work ethic and your time management.(Both agreed on that)
JL- Are freshmen overwhelmed by all of this?
McRoberts Yes, but you can get help on the bus from your team mates and the teachers are flexible. Once you get going you learn how to organize and focus. 
JL-(To McRoberts) What is harder basketball season or softball?
McRoberts- Both are about even. Maybe basketball a little because it is during finals week. Both are about time management. I think if you set your mind to it you can do anything.
JL- Now both of you want to go to college and play softball. So what type of college are you looking for?
Shelby- You look at both, a good college in academics and in athletics.If they do not have the program you are looking for  then you have to do what is best for you.
McRoberts- We are student athletes and  the colleges will look at you for both. You have to have  good work ethics. So you want to be hard working in the gym and out of the gym too..
JL- Okay, let’s say you have a big game in districts coming up. Is it hard to focus on a math test?
McRoberts-You have to lock into school mode and into game mode. You can’t be thinking about that last math problem. After the game then you can go back to student mode.
Shelby- You have to block that out. You think about the game but you can’t let that distract you. You have to make sure you are getting your work done too.
JL- I know when I went to school they gave me a lot of reading to do. How do you deal with that?
McRoberts- Sometimes you stay up late because you can’t do things on the way home because the car is dark and sometimes on the bus ride there is no signal so you can’t always do it on your phone.
JL-What about students that have jobs?
McRoberts- If you have a job then that is double harder.
JL- How much support do you get from your parents?
McRoberts- My parents support me more than a ton.They are my number one supporters.
Shelby- I am too young to get a job right now. I can’t drive. My parents are very supportive. They know how much time I put into sports. In the summer we are very busy with practices and traveling teams. So it hard to have a job and play tournaments all summer.
JL- Is it hard to have a boy friend and hang out with friends since you are so busy with sports?
McRoberts- Yes, I don’t have a lot of time so sometimes you have to pick one or the other.
Shelby- They have to understand what you want to do and be flexible.
JL- So in any spare time that you do have what do you like to do? Do you have hobbies?
McRoberts- Yes, I like to go bowling, go to the movies, swimming and all of that stuff
Shelby- I like to go to movies and just hang out with my friends.
Thanks, girls.