Lincoln And Tipton In Low Scoring Battle In Jamboree

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
It was a  curious kind of night for the fans and for everyone involved in Lincoln last Friday. Probably the biggest thing on everyone’s mine was how concerns about the virus restrictions would effect the game.
The game itself showcased a rebuilt Lincoln team taking on a much improved Tipton Cardinal club.
There was 11 refs overseeing the 36 offensive plays of both teams that took an hour and a half to play on a hot night that kept the concession stand pretty busy. Cold water was naturally a big seller.
The game itself saw both teams struggle some on offense with only two TD’s on the night.
Tipton scored on their 11 play of their first 12 play set with a 15 yard run by running back Christian Whilser.
Lincoln failed to score on their first set after having a TD called backed on a holding call.
The biggest surprise was several sacks by Tipton as they sent seven men on numerous occasions catching Lincoln off guard. Lincoln started three sophomore on the line.
Connor Lynde would score for Lincoln on the first play of their second set on a pass play.
No official stats were kept for the contest so everything is unofficial.
In the end, both teams lined up to shake hands but realized the new rules and just waved to one another in a show of good sportsmanship.
 Lincoln Head Coach Brad Drehle was pleased with their effort and thought several players had good outings.
New to coaching, Lincoln grad Connor Spunaugle said,” It was exciting and  I wished I was playing.”
All in all, both teams didn’t show all of their bag of tricks. It was simply a jamboree which is mostly for the fans.
Lincoln will be tested this Friday night at home against Midway.