Lincoln Increases 2017 City Budget

Homer May
County Reporter
 Under new business, Monday evening December 11, Lincoln Alderpersons approved an ordinance which slightly increased the City’s 2017 budget, based on marginally higher revenues and lower expenses for the period.
The meeting opened at 6 PM, with Alderpersons Jack Lietzke, Katie Hollis, Janice Swearngin, J.D. Johnson present. Mayor John King presided, City Clerk Eckhoff recorded. First business conducted was to approve the evening’s agenda and minutes of the Nov. meeting, then agree to pay bills presented. There was no old business.
Police Chief Mickey Mittlestadt reported his Department is running fairly well, with decreased business. He added that two police cars got two new tires each. Public Works Director Dustin Koll said his Department has been cleaning out the shop, patching potholes and putting up Christmas decorations. He also said the City’s supply of road salt has been received. City Clerk Eckhoff reminded those present that filing for seats on the City Board opens at 8 AM Dec. 12, then added that no one had filed for any position as of early Tuesday morning.
Under new business, the group adopted the following ordinances or bills: (1) an ordinance renewing MOPERM property/liability insurance for $16,444, a slight increase due to incidents involving distracted drivers; (2) an ordinance authorizing the City to offer for sale property located at 110 E. Main St. and 114 E. Main St.; (3) a bill providing for a 25 cent/hour raise to employees other than department heads; (4) a bill  appointing Lauber Law Firm as City Attorney, and appointing Sean Pilliard as City Prosecutor. The group also heard a Benton County Tourism and Recreation update from Executive Director Lynette Stokes.
 And in final business before the meeting ended at 7 PM, the group awarded a $68,195 contract to Midwest Drain & Sewer, for sewer main work which will include camera inspection of the City’s mains.
These meetings are usually held on 2nd Monday evenings, visitors are welcome.