Local Artist Becomes Rising Star As Author

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Janet Adams is a retired teacher living in Benton County, who is using her experience in education, her talent as an artist and family stories to publish inspiring and entertaining children’s books. Her latest book is entitled Sally The Cow, which was launched on November 22, 2019.
“Sally the Cow is about a cow we had that was like a pet,” said Adams. “She seemed to have some vocabulary because when my husband talked to her she always did just what he said. The story begins with her in the house eating popcorn. It is written in rhyme and is great for a bedtime read aloud. Those who live on farms can relate to such a story.”
Adams has written other books from stories about her husband’s childhood including Mrs. Food’s Special Guest. It is about how her husband as a ten-year-old boy who liked to hunt squirrels. He mowed the grass for Mrs. Food, and she invited him to dinner one evening where she said that there would be a special guest. He hunted for squirrels because Mrs. Food loved to eat them and went to her house to find that President Truman was a guest.”
“My husband never met his grandfather, but knew that he had been President Truman’s teacher at one time,” said Adams.
Another of her stories is entitled The Shiny New Red Accordian. Adams said that the story begins when her husband is a little boy and wants a piano more than anything, but the family cannot afford it. He is, however, given a shiny new red accordion. He grew up and went to Vietnam where a general asked him to play the accordion for a special party. 
“This book shows how life takes us on many twists and turns,” said Adams. “We don’t always see how it all fits together until years later. We often times don’t recognize the blessings in our lives because we don’t get what we think we want.”
Adams’ talent as a painter/illustrator come to light when reading The Old Shepherd Song, that was written by her husband. It is a children’s story about an old shepherd who was at the stable the night of the birth of Baby Jesus. She painted oil illustrations on canvas to go with the story. She paints many pictures of winter scenes, an old farmhouse, and an old gray truck too. They can be seen at her website in her maiden name at www.janetharpham.com.
Adams grew up in Benton County and attended Warsaw High School. She taught school in Osceola. Her father, Glen Harpham, wrote stories about living in the County, especially in the 1930’s and about the time of World War II. She copied his notes and published them as Ozark Lad to the South Pacific.
Adams is presently working as an art teacher at Cornerstone Christian Academy. She sells and donates her art work.