The Loneliest Coach in Benton County

Johnie Logue
Enterprise Staff
For the past three weeks, Tyler Burke, head boys basketball coach at Lincoln high school has had just four boys turn out for varsity basketball practice. The rest of his team has been on the football field as Lincoln has once again made a good run in the playoffs.
However, now that their football season is over, Burke’s team will be pretty solid. So I wouldn’t be too sorry for him just yet.
Yes, the bulk of their starters are gone but Lincoln returns some pretty salty players. Senior Derek Stephens, their 6’3 football and baseball star will fill in nicely at the post position. Sophomore Jackson Beaman, although bothered by nagging football injuries, should be a standout at guard. He can shoot the three and handle the ball. Senior Grant Eiffert could be a big help on the boards and in the scoring column.
Senior Corbin Reese at 6’4 should either play at center or power forward. Sophomore Tanner Bays is a big wide body who should help on the boards. Sophomore Bo Kroenke should also help with the ball handling duties and shooting threes. Also, Sophomore Nate Hesse could factor in somewhere down the road. Also, some other younger kids could step up.
The trick for any coach is to get his football players into basketball shape in a hurry. There is a difference in the conditioning but that should not be a big problem for Lincoln at this stage.
So while they may not be the force they were last season, you can look for good things from this program this year.