Luebbert Twins Take Talents To College

Adam Dean Howe
Enterprise Staff
Being born and growing up as twins, Jacob and Matt Luebbert have always been competitive, naturally;  just ask their parents.
“From an early age, I could tell that they were both going to be competitors,” dad, Randy Luebbert said.  “Both of them have always hated to lose, and there were always some heated battles at our house.  From the basketball court in the driveway, to football in the yard and even to ping-pong in the basement, they’ve always been competitive.”
There have always been battles, and mom, Michelle Luebbert, takes things back even further than those games at the house.
“When Lauren (Jacob and Matt’s younger sister) was about to be born, I made a game up for who got to pick their seat in the car, you know, since only one of them was going to be able to sit next to her in the carseat,” Michelle said.  “I told them that whoever got dressed first in the  morning could pick where they sit in the car.”
Michelle added to her story, “The next morning, I started to hear Jacob yelling at Matt to stop ‘something’.  Well, Jacob had gotten up early that morning and was all ready to go and when Matt saw that he wasn’t going to win, he started UNdressing Jacob!  They were only 4 years old!”
Now 19 years old, both 2019 WHS graduates continue to thrive on that competitive nature. Jacob turned down a football offer, but accepted a track offer to compete at Missouri S&T in Rolla, Missouri. He has only competed in one indoor meet so far, that being at the University of Missouri just before Christmas.  There, he throws the shot put, the discus and the weight (indoor version of the hammer).
“With the changes they’ve made to my throwing technique, I’m throwing about 10-15 feet further than I did in high school,” Jacob said.  “And it’s even a heavier shot put!”
“I love S&T,” he added.  “I really like the engineering classes and the upper level math.”
Matt, on the other hand, has continued to compete on scholarship on the basketball floor at the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri (near Branson).  For the 9-8 Bobcats, Matt sees about 15-20 minutes per game and is averaging around 4 points and 5 rebounds. 
Though most Warsaw basketball fans might remember Matt for his offense, the college game has been more about improving his defense.
“Right now, they use me more as a defensive stopper,” Matt said.  “I’m not asked to score a lot.” 
“The difference in college is that everyone is a good player,” he added. “The thing about College of the Ozarks is the teammates that I have.”
Randy added that Matt’s team includes a young and very talented freshman class and that at least 5 freshman see the floor on a regular basis.
Matt and the Bobcats returned earlier this week from a trip to the Virgin Islands where they split with the University of the VI. They will travel to Illinois to take on Lincoln Christian this Friday and Saturday before returning for a home stand.
Though a few years have past, the college game is nothing new to the Luebbert household as both parents, Randy and Michelle were competitive themselves. 
Randy was a nose tackle who began his college playing days at Northeast  Missouri State University in 1986.  He transferred to Central Missouri State University in 1987 and sat for 1 year while he waited for Jeff Wright to graduate.  Wright went on to have a lucrative career in the NFL where he played for the Buffalo Bills for 7 seasons, including their run to four consecutive Super Bowls in the early 90’s.  Randy then took over that spot on the Mules defensive line for the 1988-1990 season. 
Michelle was an outside hitter her freshman year at CMSU for the Jennies volleyball team and then a middle blocker in her last 3 years. She played for the Jennies from 1988-1991 and, coincidentally, all four of her teams are in the school’s Hall of Fame.
“Watching both of the boys get to live their dream of playing college athletics has made all of the long trips to practices and games, countless hours in the gym and all of the time that Michelle and I have spent so totally worth it,” Randy stated.
Jacob and Matt will continue to compete for their schools and Randy and Michelle will undoubtedly continue to travel to catch the boys' games and meets as often as they can, until their eligibility expires.  They’ll both enjoy their time with them, but after that, they won’t get much of a break.  That younger sister from the carseat, Lauren . . . She'll be a freshman in high school next year and has already began her own journey on the basketball floor.