Mail Truck Catches Fire

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
Mail heading to Warsaw was destroyed in a fire on August 9.  According to the United States Postal Service, “On Friday, August 9, 2019, a tractor trailer was involved in an accident that involved fire on Interstate 70 west of Columbia, MO.  The Inspection Service has proclaimed the volume on that truck to be a total loss.  The truck contained designating volumes to the following zip codes:  65301, 65305, 65323, 65324, 65325, 65326, 65327, 65329, 65332, 65333, 65334, 65335, 65336, 65337, 65338, 65345, 65348, 65350, 65351, 65354, 65355, 65360.  If you are missing mail from that time frame, contact the sender to have it resent.”
According to Chuck Allcorn, anyone missing mail from that date should check with his or her banking institution to see if deposits were made and if they have unpaid bills.
“This is a reason that electronic banking is safer than mailing checks,” said Allcorn. “A customer at Hawthorn can have deposits made and bills paid all electronically.” 
There is no way to recover any mail from the truck involved in the fire so it is up to people living in those zip codes to check to see if their mail was involved. 
“If you were expecting a check, you should call your bank,” concluded Allcorn.