A New Doctor For Katy Trail

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
After treating patients for 30 years in Bolivar, Dr. Jeff Tedrow has settled into a new position as a Family Practice doctor at Katy Trail. He made the move to the Benton County area last October, to be near family and the lake.
“I also wanted a smaller practice and the chance to work with underserved people,” said Dr. Tedrow. “And my new position is less stressful than my former practice at Bolivar Family Care Center and Citizen’s Memorial Hospital. I enjoy working in different areas of medicine, and have experience ranging from delivering babies to long-term care and hospice. I still have some patients from the Hermitage area who travel up to Katy Trail for appointments. I like working here, like the people, and plan to be here a while.”
Dr. Tedrow sees patients from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Thursday. Nurse Practitioner Megan Yonkers is on duty Tuesday through Friday. So patients can make appointments with either medical professional five days a week. The doctor said that he is only on call for one week at a time, every 12 weeks.  When he worked in Bolivar, and delivered a lot of babies, he was on call more often.
“A lot of people think that if they have medical insurance, that they can’t be treated at Katy Trail, but that is not true,” said Dr. Tedrow. “We take patients with or without insurance.”
Dr. Tedrow graduated from high school in Savannah, MO, and did undergraduate studies in Biololgy at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He also went to medical school in Columbia and did his residency in family practice at a hospital in Orlando, Florida. He said that he also spent some time as a doctor at Disney World treating its employees. 
When asked how COVID-19 had affected his Katy Trail practice, he said that there was a lot of related testing at the clinic, but he didn’t have any patients with the coronavirus. He did say that the clinic had notified some of those who were tested that they were positive for the disease.
“One change at the clinic is that we have partitions between waiting room seats,” said Dr. Tedrow. “Telehealth has helped. Some people don’t want to come into the clinic and we can do appointments online through iPads or computers. If someone doesn’t have access to the necessary devices, we can take an iPad to the parking lot and let them communicate with us in their cars. I prefer to see patients in person, but we do what we have to do to stay safe.”
Dr. Tedrow said that some employees at Katy Trail who work for Compass Health are working from their homes, and since the Senior Center is closed, the Harbor Village building is pretty quite at this time.
Dr. Tedrow has three grown daughters, one granddaughter and another grandchild on the way. He has a lot of outdoor hobbies like camping, boating, golf, tennis and swimming. He says that being near the lake is great for all those activities.
Katy Trail Community Health Warsaw opened in October 2013 and serves as a medical hub for Benton county residents by offering a network of services, including Comprehensive primary medical care for adults and children, Comprehensive treatment of chronic diseases, Well Child care and Immunizations, Physical Exams, Gynecological care including family planning, Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, Nutrition Counseling, Eligibility and application assistance for public insurance programs, Behavioral Health services, and Dental care for children, pregnant women and emergency adults.