New Police Chief: "I Have Worked For This Moment My Whole Life"

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Sean McCannon officially stepped into his new position as Warsaw Police Chief at midnight on October 2nd.  He replaces Police Chief Jason Wenberg who had served in the office since February 2017, and was a Warsaw police officer since September 2006. 
“I have been in law enforcement for close to 26 years, serving most of my career in Kansas City,” said McCannon. “I moved to the Warsaw area in 2015, began working with the Sheriff’s Office, and liked and respected its officials. But, I am excited about my new position as Police Chief and have worked for this moment my whole life. I love what I do, and have a good feeling about City Council.  I also love the camaraderie present in my new job.”
When asked about a significant event during his law enforcement career that he still remembers very well, McCannon said that while he was working at the Sheriff’s Office, a mother abandoned her children. Afterwards, the mother’s eight and ten-year-old daughters rode their bikes by the dock and one of them fell in the lake with her bike. Fortunately, the child was able to get out of the lake and she and her sister walked to the Sheriff’s Office while cold and wet. Those in the office could tell the children were hungry, so deputies went to Dispatch and raided their refrigerator for some cold pizza, which the girls ate up. The children were put in protective custody by Child Services and then put in a foster home.
“When Ma showed up after three months, I was able to say three words that made my day – ‘You’re under arrest!’ and she was charged with a felony,” said McCannon. “The children are still in foster care and being well taken care of.”
McCannon was asked about some of the training he has undergone during his law enforcement career, and he said he had plenty of that. He was a field training officer, earned some college credits from Central Missouri, and was involved in countless continuing education classes in various areas of law enforcement. 
“The public is screaming for more police training and I am all for it,” said McCannon. “But, it is not cheap. We meet the state’s requirements and try to get a little more training besides that.”
McCannon said that he can retire in five years, but he wants to stay on as long as he can. He talked about numbers of officers in the Department and said that they could do the job with the number onboard, but they could also use more officers for the benefit of the community – better coverage since the judicial system is letting a lot of criminals out. He said that there is currently an open position for a police officer, and that those interested can apply at City Hall.
“We have a great crew, and I couldn’t ask for anything better,” said McCannon. “The group we have are a real world championship series team.”
McCannon’s parents, George and Patricia McCannon, live in the area, and the Chief says that this is his home. Although he wasn’t raised in Warsaw, he and wife Shannon are raising their daughter, Summer, here. She is a sophomore at Warsaw High School and is active in cheerleading and band.
McCannon’s dad is a Vietnam War veteran and a member of the local American Legion. McCannon is a member of the Sons of the American Legion and loves spending time with the members. 
The Police Chief is an outdoor type of person who likes to fish, camp, and play golf. He says that he is an only child and enjoys spending time with family.