Palmer Showcases At Future 50 Camp

Adam Dean Howe
Enterprise Staff
After being nominated by his Missouri Dawgs summer basketball coach Scott Decker and then receiving a formal invitation from it’s director, Warsaw senior Trey Palmer had the opportunity to pose his hoops talents at last weekend’s SWMO Basketball Future 50 Camp & Showcase held at Strafford Sports Center. 
SWMO Basketball has a mission to provide first-class exposure for area athletes through premium coverage, offering analysis of players and teams and designs and uses their Future 50 event to provide athletes first-class competition and an opportunity to measure their abilities against their peers.  The Future 50 includes players in the 2021-2025 graduating classes, dividing them into 10 even and competitive teams with each getting an opportunity to play at least 4-5 games throughout the day.  
“I was hoping to see good competition, which there were a lot of good players,” Palmer said.  “But I thought I stacked up well against them.  The coaches were letting the players play, but they were giving advice on how each of us could be better.”
Players competing at this year’s event came from schools of all sizes from the southwest part of the state, including those as small as Weaubleau and Warsaw to those as big as Camdenton, Lebanon and Springfield public schools; Glendale, Parkview and Kickapoo. 
Getting Palmer to the event was almost a chore in itself as Warsaw is, for these purposes, technically not considered to be part of “southwest” Missouri.  However, since his locale doesn’t necessarily consider to be “central” Missouri or in a Metro coverage area either, the Future 50 director found a spot for and welcomed the Wildcat.  
“They said that Warsaw is actually out of their coverage area,” Palmer’s mother, Cathy said.  “They usually draw the line at Highway 54, but since we are kind of up here in ‘no man’s’ land, the director said that they would find a team for Trey.” 
After being there, another favorite part of the camp for Palmer was getting to play for his cousin, Charley Dryer of Weaubleau.  
“Yeah, I’d have to say that I had a good time joking with him while he was coaching me and making fun of me at the same time,” Palmer said.  “It was also fun getting to play against his son and talking a little trash.”  
That moment was also a special one for Cathy.  
“To have him end up playing for my cousin was neat, Cathy said.  “Charley couldn’t coach any of his players who were there, but it was funny that he ended up with Trey.”
In the ensuing days following camp, Future 50 staff will compile analysis, form evaluations and provide that information for each player in attendance.  That content is provided at no additional charge and may be used by each individual athlete for any recruiting purposes.  Each athlete will also be heavily featured and have a strong social media presence through SWMO Basketball, hopefully providing them exposure in the college basketball community.  
“The game we won was a fun one because I did a large part of the scoring to help us with the win,” Palmer said.  “But mostly, I was just really glad to be getting in some more basketball.”