Power On Display At Local Weight Lifting Competition

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Warsaw Fitness held their Sixth Bi-Annual Power Weight Lifting Event on Sunday afternoon. Some 34 men and women from all ages took part in the nearly five hour session.
Kay Redwing ,69 years young and competing in her first competition, commented, "I started power lifting back in March and I just love it. I lost my 28 year old son awhile back and this has really helped my grieving process. I think fitness is a gift that everyone should give themselves "
Two other women, long time friends and softball buddies, Lyndsey Swafford and Jacque Winter also took part in the contest. Swafford is a veteran of the sport and a member of APA with several trophies to her credit while Winter lifted competitively for the first time Sunday. Both commented that power lifting has helped them more than doing cardio. Swafford won the Female Pound for Pound competition and Ashley Peck came in second.
On the male side of things, Joey Diffanco took first place while Eric Reinertsen took second.
Dakota Todd at 12 years of age was the youngest competitor on the day. Eight women entered the contest and over a hundred spectators attended the free to the public event.
Each contestant competed in three lifts; squat, bench and deadlift. Phillips, who didn’t actually enter the competition, benched 385 and deadlifted 600. Add his 600 pound squat and you have the highest totals of the day.
When asked about doing cardio, Phillips said, "Your body absorbs fat and I have had people who ran everyday but couldn’t lose weight. Cardio and eating right should be centered around weight training. Lifting weights provides muscle instead of fat."
For more information about Warsaw Fitness and power lifting, you can call 660-723-2069.