Regional Radio Rates Lincoln vs. Valle Catholic Championship Game As Top Broadcast Of 2019-20

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Regional Radio recently conducted a countdown of their top ten broadcasts of the past sports season. The Class One state championship game between Lincoln and Valle Catholic took top honors. The 30 -27 victory by Valle Catholic was the closest championship game of the day.
Close championship games are rare. Sometimes there are powerhouses that no one can play with and sometimes the brackets favor one team over the other and that sets the stage for mismatches.
However, last December 7th, the two best teams hooked up for the title. Lincoln, undefeated and rated number one all season , led at halftime 21-14.
Perhaps, the biggest play of the game came on the first play of the second half. Tanner Bays, Lincoln’s All State lineman left the game with an injury. Valle Catholic, who had mixed up their plays in the first half, left their passing game for the most part and went strictly to the run. 
When the smoke cleared, Valle had a 30-27 victory. The victory tied Web City with 15 championships as the most all time in the state. You can listen to the game on the internet.
The hardhitting contest featured two of the best players in the state.
Valle’s lineman Kyle Roth was named the Class One Defensive player of the Year.
Lincoln’s Quarterback Jackson Beaman was named the Offensive player of the Year.
Beaman commented,  “When Tanner went out it took the wind out of us. I watched the game recently and Valle only threw two passes , both screen passes, in the second half. I think about the game from time to time and it is just something you have to live with.”
Needless to say, it was a game that anybody who that was there will never forget.