Report: Representative Rodger Reedy, 57th District

Submitted by the Office of Rodger Reedy
The first half of the Legislative Session has gone by quickly. We have spent our time here at the Capitol working hard for Missourians and we will continue to do so when we return on March 20th from the spring break next week.
Lawmakers Conclude Highly Productive First Half of Session
As the 2023 session reached its midpoint lawmakers headed into their brief break from legislative action with a long list of accomplishments. From vital public safety legislation to measures that would improve access to healthcare to a bill that would expand educational opportunities, House members gave their stamp of approval to legislative proposals that would positively impact Missourians from all walks of life in all parts of the state.
House Speaker Dean Plocher praised his colleagues for the work they did in the first half of the legislative session. He said, “We began the session with an ambitious agenda focused on building a more prosperous Missouri with opportunities for all. Our members have made good on that promise by working diligently and deliberatively to advance commonsense reforms and solutions that will ensure a quality education for our children, grow our economy, and keep our streets safe. I’m proud of the work we’ve done and ready to work with the Senate and Governor Parson to make sure these proposals make their way into law.”
Legislators begin their one-week break with 30 House Bills sent to the Senate including one piece of legislation truly agreed to by both chambers and signed into law by the governor. Lawmakers will have until Friday, May 12 to have their legislative priorities approved by both the House and Senate and sent to the governor’s desk.
Some of the priority bills approved during the first half of the legislative session include:
-Promoting School Choice - HB 253
-Curbing Violent Crime - HB 301
-Supporting Law Enforcement - HBs 702, 53, 213, 216, 306 & 359
-Improving Police Officer Pay - HBs 640 & 729
-Protecting the Constitution - HJR 43
-Ensuring Ballot Transparency - HB 186
-Developing Missouri’s Workforce - HB 417
-Encouraging Entrepreneurship - HB 268
-Ensuring Access to Life-Saving Exams - HBs 575 & 910
-Expanding Access to Physical Therapy - HBs 115 & 99
-Providing Property Tax Relief - HB 713
-Simplifying Vehicle Sale Tax - HB 415
-Protecting Missouri Farmland - HBs 903, 465, 430 & 499
Other Bills Sent to the Senate this Week
-HJR 37
-HB 70
-HBs 133 & 583
-HB 202
-HB 402
-HB 827
-HB 677
-HB 585
-HB 461
-HB 454
-HB 490
I am pleased to report that after re-districting this past year, my office has begun working on an updated District 57 Directory for my constituents; we hope to have it mailed out soon.
As usual, my legislative assistant Blake is available Monday through Thursdays from 8:00 – 5:00 and from 8:00 – Noon on Fridays. You can contact my office by calling 573-751-3971 or emailing If you would like a courtesy resolution from the House of Representatives please contact my office. As always, it is an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of District 57.
Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week!
Rodger Reedy
State Representative
57th District