Rough Night In Buffalo For Wildcats

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Buffalo came into their match up with Warsaw as a slight favorite. However, few expected the Bison to win by a 51-12 score. Warsaw felt apart in the second and fourth quarters, while Buffalo took advantage of every break and opportunity in handing the Wildcats their worst defeat of the season. 
Buffalo celebrated senior night on their last home game of this year. They are building a new track around their football field starting this week. Buffalo shot fireworks off after every touchdown and after the game. At one point the grass caught on fire near the field but was quickly extinguished.
As far as the game went, Warsaw starting out passing on every down on their first drive until they threw an interception at midfield. Last week they attempted just four passes the entire game. Whatever Warsaw saw on the game film just didn’t work as Buffalo would pick off four passes on the night.
The first quarter went scoreless with Warsaw failing to score from the 12 yard line.
The second quarter was all Buffalo as they put up 28 unanswered points before halftime.
Buffalo received great field position on the kickoff after a personal foul and a targeting call was assessed against Warsaw. However, Warsaw would hold and Kieon Davis would score from 22 yards out to make it 28-6.
The fourth quarter saw several questionable calls go in favor of Buffalo as they built up the considerable lead. Davis would race in from 18 for his second TD of the night. This time it was from the quarterback spot as Matt Couzens had to come out for a couple of plays.
Buffalo Sophomore Quarterback Jamen Smith did pretty much what he wanted to do all game long. Warsaw knew going in that he would be hard to contain and needless to say, he lived up to their scouting report.
Head Coach Ryan Boyer commented on the night, “We give Buffalo all of the credit in the world tonight. We simply had two good quarters and two bad quarters.”
Davis was 16-190 rushing on the night. Couzens was 10-38 rushing and 6-13 for 37 yards passing with four interceptions. Zach Chapman was 4-43 rushing and Clayton Simons was 4-24 receiving. Warsaw fell to 1-4 on the season.
This Friday will be homecoming against Butler. The very first Warsaw varsity football team from 40 years ago will be honored before the game. You can watch the game live on BCE TV with Barry Edwards. Pre-game is at 6:30.