Seniors React To Season In Question

Adam Dean Howe
Enterprise Staff
With many uncertainties due to COVID-19 surrounding local society and the entire country right now, high school sports are no exception.  And those effected most, at the local level, at least, may be senior student-athletes who have prepared and anticipated their final season for many years now.  
At Warsaw, the heartfelt hurt can be felt in mere words from some student-athletes.
“It’s sad because this is the last sport that I have the opportunity to participate in as a Warsaw student-athlete,” said Warsaw senior and track participant, Aubrie McRoberts.  “And now I may not get to live those moments and make those memories.”
Senior baseball player, Matt Couzens echoed those sentiments, “Knowing that not only me, but my team gave it their all to get ready for this season . . . and to not get the opportunity to show people how far we’ve come, that would be a big disappointment.”
Besides not being able to compete with his teammates again, WHS senior and track star, Parker Love had this to say, “I’ve been practicing for 5 years for this season and it’s sad that it feels like it’s been ripped away from me.”
Love, a current record holder in different track events at WHS, added, “I also planned to break some personal records this season and that could have resulted in increased scholarships for college.”
“Having practices and our season suspended is leaving us (seniors) heartbroken,” said Kya Schepker, another Wildcats track athlete.  “We’re all fearful that we may not get to compete for our school again.”
Love agrees with the postponement of the season and is hopeful that there is still a chance that he could get his feet on the track surface again.
“I think that delaying spring sports is a reasonable take, given the situation,” Love said.  “I think there are ways that they could resume sports like baseball, track and golf though because those are sports that do not require close interactions with other people.”
“I practice consistently throughout the school year and I do personal workouts to stay in shape,” Love added.  
Couzens has continued his daily routine too, still holding onto hope that he can get his cleats back into the dirt this year. 
“I’ve been running, hitting off of a tee and playing catch with my brother,” he said.  “I’m just trying to do little things that will make a world of difference come game time.”
McRoberts added, “I’m running every other day and doing a workout every day, on top of staying hydrated.”
Schepker has also continued to workout on her own, but has given a lot of credit to her coaches.
“Thankfully, we are blessed with some amazing coaches,” she said.  “They have sent us workouts, continue to check-in on us and send us motivational messages to help keep us going.”
Coincidentally, all four student-athletes interviewed will continue to play various sports in college, making conditioning and activity an essential part of their daily routines, whether with their respective teams or not. 
McRoberts will be attending the University of Central Missouri for softball, Love will be attending Southwest Baptist University for track, Schepker will play softball at Evangel University and Couzens will play football at Ottawa University.  
As athletes cope with and face the hard reality that their spring sports seasons may be in jeopardy, Couzens summed things up by saying, “This season is a learning opportunity, for a few reasons.  First, it makes you realize that anything can change in a short amount of time.  Secondly, you can only control what you can control and let everything else handle itself.  And lastly, especially in high school, you can never take a moment for granted in any sport you love.  You always have to give it your everything.”