Sports Fans Will Delight In 2018 Sports Edition

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Our spring sports edition always marks a busy time at the BCE. As the reporter and the photographer, I travel back and forth to the three schools, Warsaw, Lincoln and Cole Camp to take and retake pictures. Carrie Rieman lays out all of the pictures and sometimes has to work her magic on some of my less than perfect photos.
The girls like having their pictures taken for the most part. You will always  have one or two who complain that they don’t have any make up on that particular day.
The boys don’t really seem to care but they take it as an necessary evil to some degree.
It is fun but it is a lot of work, more than people will never know unless they have worked on a similar project. This edition is packed with stories and pictures of your favorite players and your favorite Benton County team.
I have three hoodies I wear to the schools. I have a Warsaw one, a Lincoln one and Cole Camp one. If I get them mixed up then I am in trouble. I love working with the kids. You look at these pictures and although they are athletes, they are just kids with hopes and dreams for the future. Like you, I am greatly saddened to say the least, whenever someone comes into a school and shoots the  devoted teachers and these darling little kids. They are all precious lives and I hate it to the core
The sports edition is a keep sake and it is my wish that if you have kids and grandkids featured that you store it away somewhere for the future. They will appreciate it when they get older. I learned that  when we did the Hall of Fame stories. The older guys wished they  had saved their press clippings.
High school can be a wonderful time and sports seems to make it even more memorable when looking back. I hope you enjoy the Spring Sports edition.