Technology- Warsaw Dental Group Stays On Cutting Edge

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
During the 19th century, dentists relied on drills operated by foot pedals to help them try and save dental patients’ teeth. In 1875 George Green, a dentist in Kalamazoo, Michigan, received a patent for a drill that was powered by an electromagnetic motor, enabling dentistry to take a leap forward in technology. Many advances since then have made it possible to save teeth, replace them, and make them beautiful with little or no discomfort. Truman Lake Dentistry is proud of its array of the latest dental technology that allows optimal dental care designed for each unique need and desire.
The dental office, located at 1631 Commercial Street in Warsaw, provides implants, dentures, same day dentistry, crown/bridges, clear correct (aligners), routine dental cleanings, root canals, teeth whitening and extractions. The office acquired an Orthophos SL panoramic x-ray machine a year ago that does three dimensional imaging as well as two dimension. The machine is used before an implant to make sure there is sufficient bone in the jaw for a successful procedure. It maps out roots of adjacent teeth, nerves and sinus cavities ahead of time to help prevent complications during surgery.  It rotates, and provides x-rays of all angles of the mouth so the dentist can determine the amount of space available, and the type of implant to use. It allows a thorough diagnosis of a patient’s teeth. About 1,000 Truman Lake Dental patients have experienced the panoramic x-ray in the past year.
The Orthophos SL x-ray can also be used for bite wings, and is a painless procedure for patients who have large boney growths (tori), or reflux gag issues. The cost to the patient (or insurance company) for this type of x-ray is the same as for bite wing x-rays that are taken with cardboard edged film placed in the mouth. The two dimensional x-rays are able to reveal what is going on between the teeth. Most insurance companies cover one panoramic x-ray every three to five years, and one bitewing x-ray a year. This panoramic x-ray equipment is the only one convenient to Benton County patients. It would otherwise be necessary to travel to dentists in Springfield or Kansas City for this service. All of the staff has been trained on the Orthophos SL equipment.
Last year Truman Lake Dental also acquired the ability to put a crown on a patient in one day. The procedure is possible through the CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) method. It involves a digital impression from the office’s Omnicam that takes a scan of the mouth and transfers this information to the milling unit, which then produces the crown. The process of this computer-aided equipment allows dentists to construct, produce and insert individual ceramic restorations directly at the time of treatment in a single appointment. There is also the capability to put an implant with a crown on top, all within a three hour period.
A visiting endodontist sees patients once a month at Truman Lake Dental to perform root canals. This saves those with a need for this treatment from traveling long distances to large cities for the service.
Truman Lake Dental is a full service family general dental office, and has been serving the Warsaw area for 39 years. Dental services are provided by Dr. Patrick R. Lancaster, DDS; Dr. Lucas Carpenter, DDS; and Dr. Brenda Herman, DDS.