Vandalized Headstones At Historic Cemetery Restored

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
Work has begun at the Warsaw Cemetery to repair and restore the tombstones which were vandalized this spring.
According to City Clerk Jessie Kendall, several stones were uprighted then sealed on Monday.  Wommack Monument Company from Bolivar did the work with assistance from the Warsaw City crew.
“We will keep on repairing the stones until they all are back,” said Kendall.  “We don’t want the stones to disappear.”
Some of the stones were broken, so those will need more extensive repair.  All the work is being paid for through donations.
“We have received about $1,700 in donations to repair and reset the stones, but of course more money will be needed to put the cemetery back in order,” said Kendall.
Warsaw Councilman Eric Masoner and his family donated to the Warsaw Cemetery Fund to repair the recent damage to several old stones in the cemetery.  “I would like to encourage others to donate to restoring the cemetery,” Masoner said.  “The damage is disgraceful and I want to see these stones restored.”