Warsaw’s Only Laundromat Re-Opens With New Owners

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Warsaw Laundromat has been a fixture at 108 E. Jackson Street, in Warsaw, for 40 years. It was owned by Ayman Ielouch for the past 20 years, but sold to Charles and Kristal Sawyers in February. It has gone through extensive renovation and reopened for business in the latter part of April.
“We put in 14 new, Dexter, front-load, coin-operated, stainless steel washing machines and 14 Dryers,” said Kristal Sawyers. “We also tore down the ceiling, left it open and painted it black, and put white metal on the walls. New hours for the business are 8 AM until 10 PM.”
Sawyers said that this is the first Laundromat that she and her husband have owned, although she had thought about buying the business 10 years ago. She said that wash and fold services will be offered after an office area is completed.
“We will be in and out of the laundromat for the time being,” said Sawyers. “Since we opened, everybody has been sweet and kind.  I didn’t realize this many people needed these services.”
Ielouch said that he sold the property because he was ready to retire from the laundromat business, but still has rental property in the area.
“The new owner refit everything and threw the old equipment in the junkyard,” said Ielouch. “The business was good for the community, there were good people using it, it made good money, and gave the community a place to wash clothes. Now it is young and beautiful like it has had a face lift. It was an excellent job. The new owner is young and has energy.”