Warsaw Airport Set For New Hangar Facility

Homer May
County Reporter
Under new business, Monday eve August  6, City Alderpersons, meeting at the City’s Municipal Airport, approved a $1.2 million project with B. Dean Construction to build an 8-unit hanger at that Airport. A start to construction is estimated for early spring 2019, to be completed within about 130 calendar days, allowing an anticipated Aug. 1, ribbon cutting. Warsaw has been squirreling away $150,000 yearly MODot grants for a few years, and will use all those saved dollars, but will still be about $219,000 short, upon completion of that project. The City anticipates obtaining a MODot “Star Loan” to cover the shortage and repay the loan within several years, with continued MODot grants. This meeting was preceded by a tour of the Airport’s repair shop, where Aircraft Mechanic Ashley Perkins explained that business is steady and increasing. Dave Hadel, representing Burns and McDonnell Airport Hangers, added that with additional aircraft flying in and out of the Airport, increased sales of aviation fuel can be expected. City Planner Randy Pogue said that hangers at this Airport are presently full.
The meeting opened at 5:55 PM, with Alderpersons Lou Breshears, Terry Marshall Sr., Eric Masoner, Adam Howe, Eric Flores, Dave Williams present. Mayor Eddie Simons presided; City Clerk Jessi Kendall recorded. First business conducted was to approve a revised agenda and minutes of a previous meeting, then okay payment of bills presented.  Also under new business, the group approved a bill to allow the City Attorney, or his representative, to enter and inspect buildings which are in conditions that may violate City codes.
A discussion followed on the condition of the City’s compost pile, characterized by City Planner Pogue as an “unmanageable situation,” with “junk” sometimes being left at the gate after hours. It should be noted that the City intends that area to be used solely for materials that will decompose, over time. The problem will be researched and, hopefully, a solution will be found.  Pogue also discussed the City’s transportation budget, “expenditures to date, overall … about as expected,” he said. Reports were received without discussion from City Departments, Boards and Commissions; then the group went into executive session about 7:05 PM.
Visitors are welcome at the open sessions, which are usually held on 1st and 3rd Monday eves, but please check with the City (660-438-5522) for up-to-date information.