Warsaw Entrepreneur Thrives With Spicy Idea

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Jeremy Silvey is a successful Warsaw entrepreneur who has grown in popularity for his seasoning blends, and culinary skills, even during the COVID-19 era. And he seems to be an ace at his current day job selling cars on the internet and to walk-ins at Maples Ford. He has excelled at this by selling 30 cars during his three months of employment. That is not all. He has been a corporate chef at Buck Mountain Ranch, chef at Sheila’s BB Bar and Restaurant, chef at the Landing and chef at Redwing Coffee where he began to do a lot of baking for the first time.  He has been responsible for writing menus and recipes as well as cooking at all these establishments where he has introduced his “Jeremy Blends” seasonings that he created three years ago. 
“I told Redwing Coffee about my seasoning blend, and they got the ingredients and started using it on soups, sandwiches and meats,” said Silvey. “I now sell it at Redwing Coffice and Statuary Gardens  in town. A few weeks ago I was encouraged to make a salsa for my wife’s booth at Warsaw’s Farmer’s Market, and I made it in mild, spicy and mango-habanero flavors.  I gave samples to Benton County Tire and Redwing Coffee and they loved it! On June 6, we sold out of the salsa at the Farmer’s Market, and I came up with a spicier type of the mango-habanero. It is called mango pineapple habanero.”
Silvey says that in his wife’s booth, named “Pasture to Patio,” he also sells Buck Mountain Ranch Wagyu Grillers in two flavors (cheese and bacon, and jalapeno and bacon). The booth also offers gift baskets with Redwing coffees and Paul’s Honey; and there is Smith Family Jelly, and custom- lasered cutting boards that a customer can customize with his name or favorite recipe. The cutting boards can be made with cherry or maple wood.
“I get my herbs and other ingredients from Dutch Market in Tipton, and Birdman in Warsaw makes my labels,” said Silvey. “All products sold in our booth are local. I prepare the meat that is sold in the booth at the Buck Mountain Country Store kitchen that is located next to Orsheln Farm and Home.”
Silvey grew up in Jefferson City and actually got his culinary feet wet at an All-American Diner at age 15. After graduation from high school, he entered a culinary arts program and then worked in the field for over 10 years. He then decided he wanted to work more outside, and went to college to prepare for a job working with underground utilities. His job took him to places from Denver to St. Louis. Then, his mother moved to Warsaw, and when he visited her, he fell in love with the area and moved here about four years ago.
A write up at www.buckmountainranch.com compliments Chef Silvey’s ability to entice people to step out of their comfort zone and try some of his new flavors.  It was said that Silvey’s favorite part of serving great food is seeing the joy and delight that people get when they taste his specialities.  Some of his recipes from Buck Mountain Ranch are “Not Your Grandma’s Stroganoff,” “Tender Crockpot Strips With Wagyu,” and “Thai Steak.” 
More information about Silvey’s seasonsings and salsas, and his wife’s booth can be found at Facebook Jeremy Blend, and Facebook Pasture to Patio.
“I appreciate my wife, Jessica Silvey, so much, and owe all my success to her for putting labels on bottles, helping with my sauces, selling products in her booth, and much more,” said Silvey.
Silvey’s favorite thing to do when he is not working is to spend time with family, usually camping or fishing.