Warsaw Has New World Champion

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Brian Phillips, owner and operator of Warsaw Fitness, traveled to the Ukraine recently and on May ,18, 2019 brought home the gold. He would win six gold medals in the World Power Lifting Alliance, breaking six world records and four Missouri records.
The U.S. came in third as a team. The event lasted four days but Phillip’s event took just one day. He weighed in at 181 pounds. Spot lifting is his bread and butter. "I beat last year’s champion and that was one of my goals.”
Poland, who took first, showed up with 100 lifters while the U.S had only seven lifters. The time difference played havoc with his rest. “At midnight here it is 8:00 AM over there. I never got converted to their time” Phillips said.
“They ran the  tournament well. I love the country, it is very clean. I posted pictures on Facebook. We ate a steak dinner for three dollars. We dined out for 90 dollars for 14 people. I rented a car for a two hour drive for four dollars. They love Americans over there too.”
Asked what he would take away from this experience, Phillips said,"You have to imagine that there was 25 countries or more and everybody loved one another and we can all be good to one another if we just try to be."
Phillips plans on going back in November and is signed up for the World Event in Washington in October. 
The officials were impressed that Phillips at 181 pounds could lift with much bigger men. The language barrier was different. A judge said to Phillips several times, “ Very small man but lift like giant.”
Well, around Warsaw, Phillips is a giant.